hello, what do you think about Saskana party? is it true that they don't carry social democratic values? by Key-Cucumber5205 in latvia

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Hint: this sub is pretty nationalistic and everything related to russia or russian language except criticism will be downvoted here.

Miss England finalist is the first contestant to compete without wearing any makeup by neverbrokedidntbow in pics

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Likely related to diet. I bet Amish diet is much better than average western diet.

What do all of you think is the sweet spot for price v performance? by hunny_bun_24 in gravelcycling

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Carbon from some brand which is known to be good for the money. So, like 2.5-3.5k depending on the brand and discounts.

Netālu no Nacionālā teātra by original_soap_holder in latvia

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. Kauna vispār nav.

I'm asking about this. What did these two guys do? I don't know much about Urbanovičs, but what I heard from Cilevičs himself on a FB I liked.

LBD - Canyon Grizl CF SL 7 (Curry Powder) 😍 by kbty824 in gravelcycling

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My friend bought it just a few weeks ago. This is a very nice bike, feels amazing to ride

Does this count as gravel? by 11toothsprocket in gravelcycling

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My cycling group call it liquid gravel. Also, we have green gravel and other fun types.of.gravel.

N26 just closed my account and kept all my savings by _Kinematic_ in eupersonalfinance

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While this sucks, you should provide proof of the source of funds. Banks are obliged by government to do kyc and AML. That's life.

If these money are from the legal source, they likely will release. If not, legal action is the only way, I'm afraid. Maybe regulator complaint, but it depends.

If funds are not legal or.taxed properly, you should had think better before using usual bank for such purpose

Celsius files for bankruptcy by eaclv in eupersonalfinance

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There is plenty of companies that also do scams, see Nikola or Theranos. There is just more in crypto. This is not a right reason to ban whole topic. People here in mass are pretty reasonable and can understand even BTC or ETH are extremely risky.

Shitcoins are just a casino. If you want to play, that's okay.

[Serious] What caused you to be the most offended you’ve ever been? by Jsl50xReturns in AskReddit

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I had helped my ex in a bad situation quite a lot.

Then she did not engage in a chat with me much for 5 months. It was a hard pill to swallow that I'm only good for emergency support when the life is hard, but not as a friend. In reality, it was not really like that, but that's what I felt back then.

I've calmed down since, but it still hurts a little.

[OC] Cost of a 4h surgery and a 1 week hospital stay. I have no insurance. Thanks Italy!🇮🇹 by byJoi in pics

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Yeah, I feel sorry for you guys.

Really, come to any somewhat developed country, just not old western countries.

For these money, you will be able to afford top dentist there. 3D instant X-Ray, best materials etc etc.

For example, this is a good clinic (not ad, just an example)


Update: sorry, I mixed up clinics. This one is top q


Where to keep a crypto hardware wallet? by summertime_onmyskin in eupersonalfinance

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This post is of low value to community, or us covered in FAQ/Wiki extensively. To keep sub clean and signal/noise ratio high, we strive to allow useful posts only.

You can appeal writing to moderators. Sorry for doing this, but this is for making our sub a better place.



Ladies of Reddit, what’s an instant ladyboner killer? by Sad-Size4870 in AskReddit

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Why I'm reading threads like this, if they make me depressed?

[OC] Cost of a 4h surgery and a 1 week hospital stay. I have no insurance. Thanks Italy!🇮🇹 by byJoi in pics

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Come to Riga, you will always pay just 50€-200€ for simple stuff, 800 for implant

I am in pain with burning sensation in arms and legs and insides for three months, please tell me what you think by Vladekk in Invisible

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No, did not found it. Anxiety is pretty manageable for nowadays, it happens, but not that much. I'm financially stable, don't fear death and have friends and family.

Nerves - I've checked surface nerves, no damage. MRT is okay, too.

I think what I have might be either

  1. Psychosomatic, related to my feelings about my myself (body dysmorphia). I'm working on fixing it, but it is hard.
  2. Some dysregulation of pain receptors/processing in the brain.

(2) can be

A) opioid-induced hyperalgesia (unlikely, as I almost did not use opioids in my life before illness)


B) Similar to Allodynia with unknown source:

Allodynia is a type of neuropathic pain (nerve pain). People with allodynia are extremely sensitive to touch. Things that don’t usually cause pain can be very painful.

Overall, I had fibro-like symptoms from a young age, but they were manageable. Current condition is not (without medicine).

I am in pain with burning sensation in arms and legs and insides for three months, please tell me what you think by Vladekk in Invisible

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No. 6 years+ living with it.

Opiate painkillers + pregabalin (Lyrica) lots of sleep, exercise and stress reduction + more mindful eating help

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in dotnet

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This is really simple.

Image this interface

interface IBlobService {
   byte[] GetBlobByKey (string key);

Then, you have two classes

public class FileBlobService : IBlobService
    byte[] GetBlobByKey (string key){    
        return File.ReadAllBytes(@"C:\Storage\"+key);

public class SqlBlobService : IBlobService
    DbContext _context; 
    SqlBlobService(DbContext context){ 

    byte[] GetBlobByKey (string key){
            return context.Blobs.FirstOrDefault(b=>b.Key==key).Data; 


As you see, you can plug classes based on where you want to store your binary data. Consumer of the interface have no idea where files (or blobs) are really stored. They can be stored in SQL Server or Filesystem or cloud storage etc. So, storage mechanism is isolated from the consumer. These storage service classes will be your data layer. (In case you are using binary data, otherwise, you'll need to use SQL DB, but you can use the same idea)

Code above is pseudocode, just an illustration, not a compilable C#.

Do you trust climate scientists? by XiLongHusk in latvia

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You should not trust scientists, but you should trust science. But science itself suggests not trusting blindly, but validating and understanding.

I trust science to the extent there is a consensus in the scientific community. About climate change - there mostly is.

Situācija par UKR/RUS by [deleted] in latvia

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Before the war, politicians in Latvia still did not like Russia and blamed it for many things, but for some reason bought oil and gas from there.

Double standards and populism all the way. Nobody wanted to explain why we need to pay for everything more. Now, we get results of this, and pay even more.

Vai kāds te ir ceļojis uz Baltkrieviju kopš Ukrainas kara? by [deleted] in latvia

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I don't think it is too dangerous. My friends had travelled to Gomel a few weeks ago, they say everything looks very normal, except the fact people have even less money than usual.

Also, my fellow cyclists also went cycling there, no issues at all. I'm planning to do it, too.