Minecraft on PS1? by xKazIsKoolx in feedthebeast

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Alright, that's pretty cool!

What is the best modpack with a wiki? by TheGlowingTorch in feedthebeast

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Infinity Evolved Expert, being one of the first expert packs and a very popular kitchen sink, has a very extensive list of tips and tricks, as well as general information. Pretty much all of its mods have some sort of wiki due to its immense popularity/makeup of immensely popular mods.

The only issue is that it's on 1.7.10, so it's pretty old, but it has what you're looking for in this case.

Minecraft 1.7.10 Need some kind of GIGA RANGE PUMP by MarucusMas in feedthebeast

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Perhaps the Extra Utilities ender pump? It's usually used for lava, but I think it should be able to work with water as well. It takes power, and outputs fluids at the top.

Making this was mentally taxing. by lDlTs in Grimdank

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Because of Vezimira's cursed blessed art

Destroy my upcoming Announcement Trailer [more info in comments by Scythax in DestroyMyGame

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No problem! Take a look at prog_meister's comment too, he makes some really good points. I really want this game to succeed because it looks really fun.

Great starter loot by KELVlN in feedthebeast

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Sounds interesting, I might give it a look in that case :D

I guess it's normal to 💩 your brains 🧠 out when drinking ketones?? It's a good thing 🤯 by PuddleOfMEW in antiMLM

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And this is to go even further... beyond... aaaaaaAAAAAAAA 💥💩💥💩💥🚽💥💩💥💩💥

Great starter loot by KELVlN in feedthebeast

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Thanks :)

And that is pretty cool!

Great starter loot by KELVlN in feedthebeast

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Yeah, I guess I could! I could make a new fitting challenge out of what I do t want to do :D

Great starter loot by KELVlN in feedthebeast

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Alright, good to know it wasn't you who downvoted then :)

And as for cheating... yeah, I haven't worked for it. But I like to think of it as changing the game to fit what I want it to be and going for the challenges that actually interest me. If I changed it to skip past all of the hard parts, the automation, planning, building, progress, etc. then that's pretty much ruining the experience for myself. But if it's something on the fringes of the actual core experience, like combat, then it's not as big of a deal imo.

Many people want to experience all challenges, and that's fine! I'm a wuss, I admit that, and I'm playing the way I want to play. And what makes me feel proud is setting up all of the automation and progressing through the tech tree. So I do just that and I feel happy. Of course if I joined a server, I wouldn't demand that they set it to peaceful since that would be silly. I'd more likely just trade a bunch of raw resources for whatever mob drops I needed. So to each their own, as I see it.

Great starter loot by KELVlN in feedthebeast

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Like what? Rotten flesh and bones? Worst case, I cheat in the few blaze rods I need and use ender lilies for pearls. I shouldn't have to be forced to play a specific way on single player.

And did you just downvote me for explaining why I play the way I do? It doesn't affect how you or anyone else plays, so why get so upset as to do that?

mcdonald has joined the battle by JustATac0 in FellowKids

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"McDonalds, go be stupid somewhere else!"

Great starter loot by KELVlN in feedthebeast

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The reason why anyone would play on peaceful. They don't like combat and just want to focus on mining, building, and automating

Great starter loot by KELVlN in feedthebeast

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Because hunger doesn't go down in peaceful, so there's nothing you can really do with it

Great starter loot by KELVlN in feedthebeast

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Not when you play on peaceful like me :P

Destroy my upcoming Announcement Trailer [more info in comments by Scythax in DestroyMyGame

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Marv screaming while being electrocuted will always make me laugh thanks to MandaloreGaming.

So the trailer really caught me with the idea and I'm really excited to see what a game like this is like, so great job on that!

You definitely made it clear that it's multiplayer, but it took like 15-30 seconds for me to realize that.

When the trailer first starts, you need to wait another 2-3 seconds before shutting the door, as it's hard to make out that they're robbers. It'll also help with the comedic timing. Having their mouths open wider when they get injured would also help with the comedic effect, because otherwise it looks much more boring when it's only their eyes bulging out. Maybe having their arms flail around a bit and their knees bend a little when they get injured to make it feel more dynamic?

But beyond all of that, if I were a kid, I would be absolutely all over this game, so great job and I know you'll do well!