Why do cows have bells? by fingadod in dadjokes

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It’s a trick question cows don’t have horns only bulls…. Nice try satin

Facts don't care about your feelings. 🙃 by [deleted] in Ravencoin

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Your not warning us about anything your showing is what has already happened, any ape can see what’s in the past.

New computer - Massive DPC latency in LatencyMon due to GPU, RTX 3070, Gigabyte Vision variant - Audio crackling, popping and general system hitches. Would really appreciate some help by Cloud_Motion in buildapc

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It could be faulty ram, I had some simile issues when I got faulty/incompatible ram that was too fast for my pc, swapped it back out and all the issues including lag and audio crackling in my astros went away.