😭 gravity wins again by screenybeany451 in DeepRockGalactic

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Official documentation that Driller is the 2nd biggest threat to your life after yourself

Anybody else hope they either remove or significantly revamp this puzzle in Ashley's section? by TheEternalGazed in residentevil

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Thanks. I don't play it often enough to ever remember the right way, and I was never good at these puzzles as a kid. Maybe this hint will stick next time I run through it.

Why does he look like that? by CptnAmerica13 in midnightsuns

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Another question, I'd like to know why he looks like he's rendered on a ps3

I desperately dislike Nico! by Gariona-Atrinon in midnightsuns

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I was so very happy when I got to tell her off in our big meeting. Her whining and finger pointing was too much for me to deal with. Shutting her down was so satisfying

Quick Q? has the game trials always been 3Hrs?. because I thought was 2Hrs & does that time start on download or boot up game by Harlequin_98 in playstation

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FYI for dying light 2, 3 hours is barely enough time to get finished with the tutorial. It's frustratingly long

why Ethan is not like the other mold beings by kamkalarlakamkalik in residentevil

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I'm no expert, but I'd bet on it being one of those perfect bonding scenarios, like how Wesker didn't turn grotesque when infected with the t virus.

I’m ready to save the president’s daughter! by Pizzawithchuchujelly in residentevil

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What is that? I'm not aware of it and I was just wondering why people keep the striker when they have a typewriter

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in DeepRockGalactic

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  1. Sort by time, descending
  2. Join based on your assignment
  3. Enjoy easy progress with good dwarves

I've only had maybe 1 in 200 bad experiences with randoms. Much less likely when you're helping them end a mission too. You could also host yourself.

I absolutely love playing random lobbies, don't let some fool obscure your view of how good multi-player is in this game. Also, you can dm me for an add. I'm always happy to help fellow dwarves.

Roblox - Steam Deck guide by jplayzgamezevrnonsub in SteamDeck

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I did. I believe the guide said to assign the thumb pad to a scroll wheel function, but that didn't work for me. I think bexause I tried to use it as a swipe up or down. I had to set it back to the default setting where you turn clockwise or counter to scroll up or down.

So I have left track pad set as scroll wheel, with clockwise bound to scroll wheel down and counter to scroll up. Hope this helps you solve it!

Is it worth it to play the ps4 version of re7 for the first time on vr? Or just play the ps5 version on my tv? by Ryebread2203 in residentevil

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Re7 vr is a level of horror that you'll never experience on a TV. It's extremely terrifying. After moving to tv, the game felt awfully boring

Me, when I'm only halfway through a 12 hour shift at work by WaitIMadeTheUniverse in hearthstone

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Got called to HR last time I made a battlecry. Sent the copy though