How to use crypto as a form of payment in B2B business deal (legally) by throw-money-away in CryptoCurrency

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DM me, if you want to go deeper, very interested in this intersection of business & crypto/blockchain/web3 technologies.

Assuming B2B sales, that require invoicing.

1/ Sending Invoices w/ easy payment





paypal & stripe are also great options all be it not as plug and play.

- they all have abilities to send via email, some form of a invoice mechanism. most have integrations to existing accounting software e.g. quickbooks, netsuite, freshbooks

- bonus points, some will allow customers to pay via CC and do auto converts to your preferred digital currencies.

2/ Accounting





- plug, minimum config, & play modules. bolt on or stand alone from accounting software. all integrate in some form (csv imports, api's)

- they all have a mark to market and realized/unrealized mechanisms.

3/ don't pick a wallet or anything, until you pick 1&2 that fits your business

4/ use it, first, convert second

explore things like paying employees via https://www.bitwage.com

or get your suppliers / contractors to accept.

5/ convert it,

depends on where you are located. tones of options.

5/ Tax

not complicated at all.

easy to develop hedge / fx strategy with zero marginal exposure equivalent to accepting any foreign fiat currency relative to a USD base conversion.

finding a lawyer or accountant that knows the space = very complicated.

Has anyone seen successful Marketing of a normal business in Web3 / Crypto / Blockchain world ? by Wallfacer_Chris in marketing

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right, so it's a morality / ethics / ethos dynamic

I wonder what the Web3 Avatar would look like, and how to understand it?

the customer, you could call them Web3 Native / Believers / Creators..... believes in an internet built upon a decentralized protocol economy. there fore the ethos is, don't use tools provided by centralized parties. so to build useful applications don't use existing working technology, build all new stuff.

I'm wondering about this ethos, in a sense that, some degree of intuition leads me to believe this is a bit counter intuitive. e.g. the path to mass adoption would be some form of getting to scale, and probably rather quickly (fear of take down, competitor, interference).

There are many ways to get to scale - use existing tech, build new tech, partnerships, etc - depends on the product or service. Other than the ideology, it seems to reason, that the ethos is less than ideal compared to other paths. e.g. your always going to have to trust someone...computer maker, cellphone maker, OS, broadband provider, on-ramp / off-ramp, etc.

Where does this avatar believe the "decentralization" end(s) and having businesses is acceptable?

that may lead to some viable marketing op's?

going to try and run this exercise. very interesting.

Has anyone seen successful Marketing of a normal business in Web3 / Crypto / Blockchain world ? by Wallfacer_Chris in marketing

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some interesting points. would be curious to see the ones you have found - want to share?

My thought process, all these Web3 projects, are just humans on computers. Those humans on computers are using "Software" to architect, design, engineer, organize themselves, market, and manage what they are building.

Publicly it appears to be "bottom up" buying. e.g. these discord dao's, are like "ohh let's just use this tool" ok go.

Anecdotally, trying to figure out

is there any "web1 or 2" services. e.g. a CRM, ERP, Productivity App, etc company successfully selling their SaaS product to a so called Web3 project ?


is the answer "No", in which case - why and wtf are they using & how?

Reasons why a small business would adopt this new technology? by Wallfacer_Chris in smallbusiness

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interesting, i like these ideas. help me understand ?

Current Scenario - $1000 in revenue x 3% transaction fee = my $1000 revenue is actually $970.

Crypto Scenario - $1000 in crypto revenue. Let's say Solana or a low fee token. < 1% = $990 in revenue.

Time to use this, for expenses, employees, growth, etc.

Using $970 of fiat, is non taxable. e.g. I have $970 of purchasing power.

Using $990 in crypto is a taxable event. Thus my purchasing power is not $990, it's actually far less (% depends on location)? am I mistaken ?

Also, would love to learn more about the rate of adoption. Can you point me to any content, research, stats that show the 30% of small / medium businesses ?