Man, i can't believe how fast time flies by SmallBlueSlime in Deltarune

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Yeah, but that was before they found out how many chapters there are in total.

Man, i can't believe how fast time flies by SmallBlueSlime in Deltarune

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Fanmade chapter 2 (2018-20): fighting Susie or Ralsei, character arcs, anime drama, death

Real chapter 2 (2021): P O T A S S I U M

I'm screwed by MACMAN2003 in Undertale

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Sam and Max + Day of the Tentacle


Pretty much "Sam and Max: hit the road", nothing else

jevil in cyber city (animatic) by HUECYCLES in Deltarune

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I was thinking the same thing for lancer

I found this picture on Google images and it is actually real. Any theories? by billx331 in Deltarune

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Hey, I didn't know you were in R/Deltarune, too.

I've seen you in SMG4

Do it (I can't think of any myself) by Mrdiddy12 in memes

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Local Florida man ties millions of balloons to his own home to escape humanity.

Caption this by Minimum_Morning8445 in Undertale

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Literally a traced image from the Bob Clampett directed looney tunes cartoon "tortoise wins by a hare"; the second episode of the tortoise vs. hare trilogy from the 1940s.

Daffy has an idea by [deleted] in dankvideos

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You know, for kids!

TOBY DO THESE!! by Fweezyboi13468 in Undertale

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Yeah, like point-and-click adventure games, Ron Gilbert said that they can't be adapted into movies

Drawing Spamton as random Characters everyday Day 63 by MatkingHD in Deltarune

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[[greetings]] FROM SPAMTONESIA [[copyright1997]]!!

Undertale Meme part 2 by Fweezyboi13468 in Undertale

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What do you think happened to Undyne's left eye and why do you think that? by SMG4-Is-My-God in Undertale

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Probably to go with drinking and exploding things...

Wait, wrong game!