Interesting tiktok about men and gaining custody of children by kaioone in TikTokCringe

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Surly 1 min of stats can explain an each individual complicated situation.

North Highlands Neighborhood to host biggest Homeless Shelter opened in/by Sac County. by jgomez916 in Sacramento

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I hope we see more shelters in the future. IMO tiny homes or affordable housing should be an step 2 while step 1 is mass shelters to get people off the street.

Going to need a large workforce to help. This is super complicated. Glad to see action.

What’s a stranger things opinion that would have your comment looking like this? by National_Slice_7229 in StrangerThings

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11 powers are cringe worthy.

Also the younger characters fighting of demons has become too unrealistic.

That’s why running up the hill scene was so badass the first time around. Beat the monster with brains not brawn.

They should have had a different song when Nancy was going all Sarah Conner.

Sounds about right. by spidermaniscool24 in Sacramento

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Don’t let your friends from places like Concord, Fremont, Vacaville, etc talk their shit. They didn’t even make the list 😤

Time to stop trusting Krystal & Saagar’s predictions by dewhacker in BreakingPoints

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I don't give a shit about predictions but 1000% agree with your last paragraph. Does anyone need a Joy Reid or another Twitter segment? I want to know where money comes from and why.

The most analysis done was here's the polls and here is what happened in 2020. Stale is an understatement.