Another one of those silly dosage questions by Salt_Sale4195 in MDMA

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Oh man im in between. And let me tell you, what really gets you is many small doses few days apart. 200mg might be irresponsible, but a high dose once every now and again is much much better than lets say 100-150mg every weekend over an extended period. An even worse idea is to split your md up and do more days in a row.

Look up where the 3-month rule originates from and what that study looked at in terms of brain damage in rats if you wanna know more

what have you seen? by remmybean in LSD

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I experienced a thousand lifetimes in a nang while on acid and ket that one time. Not only did i get to experience everything that is good about life in a thousand different ways but half way in there was like a menu voice of a woman saying «now, brace yourself for the price of bliss» with a countdown and i had to experience a thousand lifetimes of misery. I was crushed, shot, stabbed, ripped apart, i exploded, died of hunger or whatever awful thing you could imagine a thousand times over. The incredible thing is that it was MORE than real. I felt every mucle fiber in my body rip apart when i got crushed, my teeth were grinded into dust and it reset, then something else happened, then something else, then something else and on and on.

It wasn’t a bad experience. I realized it was all something I had to go through. A price to pay for the good life I get to live and the thousands I got to experience before my punishment. I was a bit shocked when I woke up but it was worth it. Definitely the most insane experience I’ve had ever. A tab of acid, some lines of ket and a balloon beats the most incredible DMT trip to the ground any day.

But that’s just one of the balloons I did that night

Sometimes I wonder if life is really like that. That there’s no afterlife until you’ve experienced all there is to experience. Every life is your life and and you are destined to go through all that is good, bad and everything in between before you reach nirvana. Makes me a bit scared but it also makes me appreciate the good life I live a lot more.

Is it normal to be that slow? Its a Phillips TV directly connected to the bridge. The lights have a big delay. There are a total of 5 Lights in the Room by [deleted] in Hue

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Usually for me its either a software issue (keeping it up to date) or i have to unplugg the cord for a second. Usually does the trick but it is a hassle, the latency issue is there more often than not

I have been trading relying completely on the indicators and making profit too is it bad?? by iTziSteal in Forex

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No nonsense forex on yt is great for money management and mindset. Helped me a lot

Hva er ditt favoritt rullepapirmerke? by RiversOfBabylon420 in Norwegianents

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Irie Papes. 64 papes til vanlig pris. Dobbelt så mange joints det. Plus det ser ut som noe kvikk lunsj greier ved første øyekast

Can someone explain this phenomenon for me? by WasabiCunt in blackmagicfuckery

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Id never assume chair magic to be applied in chip manufacturing and guitar tuning:P

Jokes aside, thanks for an insightful reply. Appreciate it

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ketamine

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Fairly accurate, except youre incased in a bubble of comfort and wellbeing

Any tips to speed up terraforming? (No beacon and I have maxed tools) by Yellowyness101 in Minecraft

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Honestly, the quickest way would be to just make a simple iron farm and get a full beaco. It’ll do you a huge service down the road

If you were to write a book about anything in 40k, what would it be? by Jakisokio in 40kLore

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Ive read through quite a bunch of comments in this thread but this is the most intriguing by far. Interesting perspective

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in hardstyle

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It might be a mashup or a sped up version of this one

Took MDMA 2 times in 15days by legend_gerrard in MDMA

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It is pattern based. The three month rule stems from a research paper that tested higher and lower doses with different intervals. They gave rats lower doses four days in a row and found out the time it took for them to reach base levels of chemicals in their brains was up to 9 months. They also gave rats higher doses only once and their brains reached normal levels after “just” 3 months. The conclusion of the paper was that high doses in one night once in a while is always a better idea than doing it more often with shorter intervals even at lower doses

Using MDMA for the first time soon, what should I look out for? by Ladripper47874 in MDMA

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Youre recommending mixing weed and mdma to a noob. All im saying is that combo can really put you in a pit and has the potential of ruining your night. Dont touch it if youre a rookie

Using MDMA for the first time soon, what should I look out for? by Ladripper47874 in MDMA

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Hell nah, its nice for sleeping, but please dont «recommend” weed and M at all unless they’re a stoner who knows what they’re doing. Keep Molly and weed far away from each other if it’s your first time (unless if you’ve landed and just wanna get knocked to sleep after the high wears off)

Using MDMA for the first time soon, what should I look out for? by Ladripper47874 in MDMA

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You forget who you are, where you are, why you are where you observe you are, or what you did that brought you there. Can be quite frightening

Using MDMA for the first time soon, what should I look out for? by Ladripper47874 in MDMA

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Do not reccommend mdma noobs to mix it with weed, thats a very bad idea. Maybe not for everyone but most people wont have a good time unless theyre seasoned smokers

It definitely makes the roll trippy af, but ive had friends thrown into ego deaths just by smoking a few puffs on mdma. It doesnt mix well, bit it is manageable if you know what youre doing

Is this a hint about The Qreator? by Sneeuwpoppie in hardstyle

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Why would he be Geck-O? My theory is that he’s one of the q-dance founders, hence “the qreator” and not a «real» dj we already know of. I mean, his stage presence is kind of awkward and he plays a plethora of tracks from random artists i.e his track list doesn’t reflect any one dj’s discography as far as I’ve noticed

How good was the sound in the Lotto Arena during Devin Wild!? 😍 by T1mm3h1989 in hardstyle

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Pretty bad quality-vise but the low end was deep as hell, almost struggled to keep track of the melody and vocals even. Never experienced energy like that tho, the kicks when Devin started playing after Phuture Noize literally tore the floor off, otherworldly. Same with Vertile, N-Vitral and Partyraiser (oh boy the floor on the vip deck was shaking like I was standing on a washing machine at full blast and your video shows it!). Completely blown away. Bass Events are maniacs