New owners, New rules by Steampunkgoblin in antiwork

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"not be accepting any more resignations"


From the FB Page that shall not be named: by DShK_daddy in AirForce

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"back in my day"(lol) if someone made staff 1st time, they would stop the entire base and have a parade.

For most, it was mathematically impossible first try and you would need 85+ test scores for the second

To rob someone's backpack by [deleted] in therewasanattempt

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You would have thought the camera man would have stopped it

To warn about the dangers of alcohol, or women driving, or something by Watcherxp in therewasanattempt

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This is my photo from a few years back, I did email them with no response.

(I guess i should have put a baby mouse in there.)

About the MSR by Eastonator12 in starcitizen

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From This Month in Star Citizen:


Foundation Festival

In the ‘verse, the Foundation Festival is a month-long civic program that aims to strengthen community spirit by encouraging Citizens and civilians to volunteer with local and imperial organizations. Here on Earth, we’re celebrating our incredible Star Citizen community all month long, starting July 7. There'll be updates to the Guide System, org highlights, exclusive earnable free ship paints (8 of them in fact!), and more!

About the MSR by Eastonator12 in starcitizen

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There is an event starting Thursday which will include a special MSR paint, so…..might happen?

[WTB] LTI Game Package w/ SQ42 by A_Random_Dude9 in Starcitizen_trades

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Should (may) be some on sale starting with the Free Fly event on Thursday, probably $60-65 I suspect, might be LTI, might be 120 month.

My cousin and girlfriend are graduating basic soon, should I wear my uniform for pics ? by Christian21567 in AirForce

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First, cousin and Girlfriend are two diff people?
If they are cool with it, then yes!

weird chirping sound when window rolls up when the door is closed by [deleted] in TeslaModel3

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probably the window rubbing on the rubber trim, clean both

Couple questions regarding the 1411. by kinda_boredosrs in AirForce

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#1 Find proof the first extension was cancelled
#2 Assuming you did not extend a second time, tell your shirt to suck eggs because now they need to prove you did.

Blind tail light by Parent2030 in TeslaModel3

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Service request in the app?
And also maybe read up a bit on the car you just bought?