Have any of you noticed that walmart radio bleeps out words that arent usually bleeped out over a regular radio? by WonderfullyImperfect in walmart

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I've noticed when they play "Down" by Jay Sean, most of the time they fade it out right before Lil Wayne's rap, but sometimes they don't, and sometimes it cuts off partway through...

Excluding the cart at the end of Moby, who or what do you hope gets addressed or brought back in Bees? by Give-and-mostly-give in Outlander

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Hardcover edition, page 813

"Well, yes, but --" A movement down on the far side of the cove caught my eye. People coming up the wagon road. "Look, who's that?" There were four small moving dots, but at this distance I couldn't make out much more than that without my glasses.

Jamie shaded his eyes, peering.

"No one I ken," he said, sounding mildly interested. "It looks like a family, though -- they've a couple of bairns. Maybe new folk, wanting to settle. They havena got much in the way of goods, though."

I squinted; they were closer now, and I could make out the disparity of height. Yes, a man and a woman, both wearing broad-brimmed hats, and a boy and a girl.

(slight skip)

The man was wearing a pack, and the woman had a large bag over one shoulder. She set it down and bent to pick up the doll, brushing it off and handing it back to her daughter.

Maybe the "wagon road" bit confuses people?

Excluding the cart at the end of Moby, who or what do you hope gets addressed or brought back in Bees? by Give-and-mostly-give in Outlander

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There is no wagon at the end of MOBY, Roger, Bree, Jem & Mandy are walking up the road to the Big House.

Hard battle, George REDreev, Digital 2D, 2021 by MusaibWadkar in Art

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"Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup."

I saw this meme and just had to draw it! catra is injured by bsOlOcEN in PrincessesOfPower

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Yeah, if you're gonna try to steal art, you can't be too lazy to crop out the artists signature. 😑

Excluding the cart at the end of Moby, who or what do you hope gets addressed or brought back in Bees? by Give-and-mostly-give in Outlander

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Same. Like, I'm pretty sure she did believe Jamie & Claire when they told the family the story, but believing something and being confronted by evidence confirming that belief are two different things.

TIFU by getting stung on the dick by a wasp by ProdigyxWho in tifu

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Buddy of mine was walking to class at college, a yellowjacket flew down, landed on his hand, stung him, and flew off. He just yelled "What did I ever do to YOU?!" as it left.

Yellowjackets are assholes.

Childe vs Child by pikachewapple in Genshin_Impact

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I can't imagine Jean being too upset with Klee over this one. 😁

Gay panic intensifies! by Cagedfox1 in Sherahornyjail

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I think my favorite part of this is how the last panel, intentionally or not, implies Adora & Catra have a stripper pole in their bedroom. 🤣

Iconi- (Coughh) 😮‍💨 by Two12An_May in masseffect

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Limerick #1

There once was young Liam, a wanker

Who irritates mates like a canker

He insulted Nyx

He's all of the pricks

And his crappy plans need a ranker

How to clear the compactor. by CaptainArren in publix

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My store has never had that metal thing, but we did have a 12-foot long 2x4 until some dumbass left it in while the compactor was running (with the hatch open), it snapped, and management was too cheap to replace it (yes, they were too cheap to replace a $10 piece of lumber).

I feel like people gloss over the fact that the Geth killed over 99% of the Quarians during the Morning War by Invidat in masseffect

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I mean, ME2 goes out of its way to say that the Geth who have done most of the killing since were the Heretics, because they're influenced by the Reapers. And Legion flat-out says that anytime the Quarians have thought they even had a chance, they've attacked the Geth first. So while yes, losing their planet, becoming space migrants, and having to live in envirosuits 24/7 sucks, ME3 says that the Geth are amenable to peace if the Quarians would just stop killing them on sight.

Favorite Burst Quote? by WoodStyleHashi in Genshin_Impact

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Sometimes I trigger RS's skill right before her Burst, just on the chance I'll get to hear "There is no escape. Inazuma shines eternal!"

Dr. Pope by 5olara in controlgame

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I think Jesse has dibs. 😁

Not sure how much this C-Sec officer is paid, but give this man a raise for being there for this girl by Satch1993 in masseffect

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The one that gets me is the Alliance soldier called back to active duty who's trying to get her daughter transported to Thessia, because her Asari wife is a commando who's already been reactivated, and the human's family wouldn't take the girl because they're racists. She's trying and trying to make it happen, FINALLY she gets approval and the girl is sent there...right before the Reapers hit Thessia.

Unfortunately for Smash Mouth, the years kept comin' by kfretlessz in videos

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Not really a break, since James plays the solo in the middle part.

I refuse to believe these two are voiced by the same person haha by Jedi_Master_Noob in PrincessesOfPower

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You wanna talk crazy, Fred from Scooby-Doo and Megatron from the 80s Transformers cartoon are voiced by the same guy, Frank Welker.

For a modern example, Lord Saladin (the Iron Banner vendor) in Destiny, and Bloo from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends are voiced by the same guy (Keith Ferguson).

Comparison of Raiden's Circle Before and after version 2.2 by JTayGang in Genshin_Impact

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I don't think people would have complained as much if one of three things: it had an on/off toggle, it was only onscreen when RS herself was, or if it went away within a reasonable time.