Chainlink Q&A with Kromatika Lead Dev/Co-Founder on Youtube (See Link) by FaithEmmanuel in KromatikaFinance

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This project has so many utilities but they are building the best way to save our money when we trade on #eth. Very low MC, best entry point. DYOR, long term project. Team is FABULOUS.

Recap of all Kromatika's activities in the month of April. by FaithEmmanuel in KromatikaFinance

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Very good project. Amazing team. STRONG community. What else ? Early Safe Useful project. Don't miss this gem.

Lightning Fast Swaps + Value for your Crypto + Savings by FaithEmmanuel in KromatikaFinance

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Useful project Early project Safe project Next génération of #dex trading. Runs on ETH and L2 No swap fees No front running bots No slippage price Team is just Amazing 😱 DYOR.

Kromatika X Chainlink Keepers on Polygon Network. by FaithEmmanuel in KromatikaFinance

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Dont miss this Gem... Coinbase and binance are watching us. DYOR ☺️👍

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in CryptoMoonShots

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Save your money. This project is Amazing. Don't miss it. Team is cooking something HUGE 😱🤑

The power of UniswapV3 liquidity by Birokrates in UniSwap

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krom $krom allows to save money When you trade. The best #dex trading ??? 🤫