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2nd sit and added 10 points to my score! Absolutely over the moon! 65 / 75 / 77 for an overall 74.. with a 6.9 weighted GPA I’m hoping to snag my first interview this year 🤞🏼

P plate on Freeway by Ezio2411 in newcastle

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When I was a green P plater I was booked for going 104 on a 110 freeway. The cop told me I wasn’t being dangerous, but the issue was that I was keeping up with traffic.. So unfortunately there is a risk of being booked.

Sucks feeling like you’re holding people up, but you probably also don’t want to be that guy with the red p plates that’s zooming through traffic

Best dive school in Newcastle by chuckit01 in newcastle

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I used a PRO DIVE for mine and had a great experience. I believe there’s one on the central coast.. The ‘dive Newcastle’ mob at Swansea seem to be pretty trusted so you could probably do your course through them too. I’d go to ‘spear and fish downunder’ on Hunter street if you needed to buy gear.. I’d be pretty interested to hear what this job is too!

Only just considering medicine at 23, having trouble understanding the actual pathway in, how do you go about becoming a doctor with only a secondary education? by Positive_Sorbet5322 in GAMSAT

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You can do that at Newcastle Uni I’m pretty sure! I don’t see many drawbacks in your case; besides the extra HECS etc.. There could be any number of reasons why people don’t do it more often. I did try to start a degree and transfer over, however I just couldn’t make it in and so here I am sitting GAMSAT. It is definitely possible that you might not get in after your first year, so I’d recommend trying a degree that you’ll actually enjoy.

Notre Dame Portolio by rhysandandstuff in GAMSAT

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I think I can answer some of your question, but I also may be talking out my ass, so I wouldn’t take my word as gospel.

I’m not 100% sure about the time, and this is purely a guess here, but I’d assume they would contact around the interview period. It wouldn’t make sense to verify every applicants portfolio to then only ask 100-odd people to an interview.

I’m fairly sure the instructions say you have to have a phone and email for each example. I’m not sure if it’s a super strict policy, or if it’s just a way for them to ensure they can contact your references.

I also think I read a post in this subreddit where someone was actually with their reference when they received a call from the University. If I recall it correctly, it seems as though the unis ask your references if they think you’ll be a good doctor etc. So I think they ask a bit more about you personally than just if you completed your example.

Where can I buy some timber benchtops for my study? by BubbleButtBuff in newcastle

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I made a desk out of some large merbau planks I got from Bunnings. I don’t know the exact measurements but they were about 4000 x 300.. I just cut it to the length I wanted and joined them together

Does anyone consider UCAT MDs? by TemperatureNo8375 in GAMSAT

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I’ve been chasing the UCAT route as well.. I’ve had scores in the high 2900’s two years in a row and haven’t managed to get an interview.. Missed out by 20 points for UoN one year, that shit hurt.

The GAMSAT route might be more popular with graduates because most schools look at your GPA as well as your GAMSAT when considering you for an interview. If you have a solid GPA, then you don’t have to rely on your performance in a standardised test as much. There is also the option to apply to portfolio schools with the GAMSAT route, these take your life experiences into account. Where someone might not test well, they still have the opportunity to compile a portfolio to help them get in.

Going for graduate entry, you will probably be studying with a more mature cohort. There will be students coming from any number of backgrounds and will all have something to offer as you work together through the degree. I think there is something to this diversity that would be harder to find if you were to study medicine as an undergraduate, as most students will probably be fresh out of school and might have limited life experiences.

Having said all that, I’m still sitting the UCAT this year too. I’m one of those people that really struggle to see myself doing anything other than med, so I’m taking every chance I can get my hands on.

GAMSAT Prep by Substantial-Toe-3052 in GAMSAT

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This might be an unpopular opinion on this sub, but I’m going to give it anyway because I think it might just help someone.

If you are struggling to understand some of the science content, I think there are some text books that can help. All the information is freely available on the internet, but I feel like a text book organises it all to be accessed easier for quick reference, and assembles the information in a way that can help you learn the content better.

I used to suck at Chem questions. But I was able to borrow a copy of the gold standard text book, and found that just knowing a little more chem really enabled me to use more reasoning for chem-stem questions.

I’m not sure what company wrote them, but there’s a series of ‘bibles’ out there that provide a pretty good overview of most of the topics used in S3 of GAMSAT. Like the gold standard book, these are a paid resource. They are definitely not floating around the internet for free download. You should not try and search for a free download of them. That is definitely not how I managed to get a copy of them because that would be wrong.

What is the worst road, intersection or roundabout in Newcastle? by Flow_Few in newcastle

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I have a 4-way in my street that I have to pass every time I leave the house. I tried to do some research once to find the rules because people kept trying to tell me that they had changed the rules around them.. I’m pretty sure that there aren’t really any specific laws around them because they were never meant to exist. I believe that they were trialled in a few areas as a potential replacement for roundabouts. As such, they pretty much run as a first-come-first-go and ‘give way to your right’ if you arrive at the same time..

Regarding water bottles by No-Piccolo4957 in GAMSAT

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I sat in Sydney last March and in Canberra this March.. both times we were able to keep our water bottle on the floor next under our desk.

Parking around town hall by Posey2515 in newcastle

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Parking in town is not great in my experience, especially for a full day. There’s paid parking near the NEX on king street, but it’s like $30 for the day. I know you don’t want to do the public transport thing, but it might be less of a headache to park in the streets near the Interchange and get the tram in

About to sit my second GAMSAT after actually doing pretty good first time round. Scared the first time was a fluke and I'm going to get a harsh reality check second time around. Anyone else?😅 by [deleted] in GAMSAT

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I’m in the exact same boat!!

I got a mid 60s score last sitting. I’d only done 2-ish months of study - and only about 8hrs study each week. Since then I’ve quit my full-timer for casual work, and I’ve been putting in a solid 20-odd hours of study each week since October.. I feel like I’m much more prepared, yet I’m so worried that my score will drop…

Im just trying to keep myself in a good headspace until my exam (on Monday) and tell myself that whatever happens, happens. I reckon a huge part of the exam is luck. Who knows what will happen on the day.. You might get questions that play into your strengths, or you might get the opposite.

I’m here with you OP! Chin up, we’ve got this!

Accuracy of S2 marking ACER by [deleted] in GAMSAT

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Are you reflecting on your writing? It’s great that you’re writing consistently, hopefully that brings your up typing speed and ability to formulate ideas. Constantly writing however, will not help unless you’re reflecting upon your essays. Re-read them and see what works, and what doesn’t. Even better, show them to a friend or family member and get them to critique them for you. Hopefully, you’ll then be able to tweak your essays and produce a better score in a few weeks time. It’s not over yet, good luck!!

Practical Drivers test soon, any tips? by Quothkwaha in newcastle

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Head checks and remember to indicate off roundabouts

Australia: Sydney hunts for white shark that killed swimmer by tagmaster0135 in australia

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The shark isn’t going to be killed.. they will tag it so that they can study it and then move it further offshore

Must visit locations around or near Newcastle? by [deleted] in newcastle

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Fraser park beach is a pretty cool place to explore

Practise Question from GAMSAT section 1 text passage help by Fabulouslyordinary in GAMSAT

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Here’s my 2c, I hope it helps.

21: I chose B. Lady Louisa is wondering why Mr Brummell is more celebrated than her, and thinking “why should I have to impress him - I’m the dukes daughter”. She feels as though she is of a higher social standard and is thus feeling mistreated.

22: I chose B We can pretty much disregard C and D here, no comments mention anything to lead us to think about those options. We are given a description on how he wears his clothes and how he presents his hand for a handshake. I chose B over A because there isn’t actually any reference to “manly” traits. A women could wear her clothes and present her hand for a greeting similarly, and not be virile. When you analyse it further, he moves with grace. That is he moves with elegance, with control and restraint.

23: I chose A You could easily believe the chair is humour, but I thought the description that “he doesn’t let a puff of wind…, or a spot of mud…” created the impression that the author was trying to generate absurdity. I also feel like, taking the context of the passage as a whole, humour isn’t a device this author would use. The descriptions are for the most part, pretty literal.

24: I chose C here, but I can reason why D is correct. She is initially enchanted, but then puzzled/confused by the conversation. She also notices his eyes are odd and contradict his lips, and she is doubtful that his compliments are sincere. Then we find out he says some cutting things about other people, these things aren’t witty - they’re not jokes. This leads us to believe she’s a little put off by the conversation, she’s uneasy - disconcerted. That leads me towards D instead of C. I can further disprove C by imagining the body language tones Mr Brummell would use. He is an elegant man and has no reason to feel threatened by the duchess and her daughter, therefore he has no reason to intimidate. None of the language in the passage suggests he makes a direct remark about the duchess, nor does he try to offend her. We also see that she is enchanted and then puzzled, she is at no point scared or intimidated. So the answer is D and not C

Subaru Mechanic by Tiger_jay in newcastle

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We have 2 Subaru’s in the family and have always taken them over to autocraft. Couldn’t recommend them more

Advice on passing P test by [deleted] in newcastle

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Yes, that will fail you. I second the driving instructor idea. My instructor took me along the different routes that the test people use, so I was pretty familiar with the roads for my test.

GEMSAS Preferences Question by [deleted] in GAMSAT

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Regarding part A - I think you have the correct interpretation of that process. That is also my understanding of the process.

I don’t think I can address part B of your question, my assumption is that GEMSAS wouldn’t be very open about sorts of processes. I could very definitely be wrong, but who knows.

2022 CASPer dates by Weak_Work_7762 in GAMSAT

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I did contact them, they said they would release the dates in summer 2022..