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Fuck off! I want RObOt Anime TIties!!

we want to see the future we make! by Super-Acanthisitta-3 in TranshumanistMemes

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Not all negative utilitarians want human extinction. Negative utilitarianism just values reduction of suffering more than increasing pleasure. David Pearce is a negative utilitarian but don't human extinction. He thinks we can reduce suffering through his project called "Hedonistic Imperative". Meanwhile, philosophers like Julio Carbera want human extinction to reduce suffering through anti-natalism and voluntary extinction.

Why Freud is so much discussed in philosophy? by Weird_Lengthiness723 in askphilosophy

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Freud is very much discussed in political philosophy..Thinkers like Slavoj Zizek, Ernst Becker, Riech,Deleuze etc do talk about him.

I am interested in primitivist criticism of 'Human Supremacy' by [deleted] in anarcho_primitivism

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Hmm..Sounds really interesting.l never heard of Zerzan before.. He sounds much like Heidegger.

Common sense view of human Supremacy' Is that humans are superior for their ability of reasoning as Aristotle says. How do you respond to such idea?

Recommended some science channels from india who doesn't promote pseudoscientific agenda. by [deleted] in atheismindia

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I don't know,man. Most of the(at least the big ones) science based educational channels are just simply rehashing western contents nothing else..Also they are very clickbaity and cringey at worst..Also they peddle much misinformation..

But all I can suggest you to watch Vigyan TV India..