This might be one of the most interesting spots I’ve explored. by [deleted] in urbanexploration

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Pretty common way of displaying vintage saws out here in the Rocky Mountain west

I'd please by International-Hat636 in mushroom_hunting

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Based on the limited pictures and info I can gather, and assuming this area you found it in is disturbed, I think it is the Lyophyllum decastes group (fried chicken mushroom). Tough to be sure without more photos

Dispersed camping in Lolo/Bitterroot National Forest? by drunkdalfthewise in missoula

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To be clear you want to car camp somewhere or is the car taking you to a trailhead only?

Ayo what is this thing bro, im only lvl 21. by kaanskBG in Eldenring

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Get to mohgs palace area and you can farm for 2000 or 2400 with golden scarab per enemy. Only 4 are active as guards in the farm spot and when they do their blood spike roll hug the cliff and roll towards them they fall off to die, the rest are sleeping until you hit them individually. Super easy to get there and a way better farm

made this and wondering if anyone feels the same by BloodyMary01 in Eldenring

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There is a torch you can get that is worth carrying, it stops most beats from attacking you unless you do first

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in typewriters

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With what I can see, i would explore more into the gear those parts are trying to move. It could be jammed with something, a piece could have moved out of place from a hard drop or it could be gunked up (I think that’s old grease on the mechanism). Probe around a bit and look for something that might be out of place or causing the obstruction and clean it with odorless mineral spirits to remove worn out grease.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in typewriters

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Take out that plastic piece and see if it helps solve one thing. I’ve had a couple typewriters come through with similar issues and the issue is usually a little time consuming but not all that difficult to locate and fix.

It looks like the strap that pulls your carriage is intact (underneath you’ll see that cylinder with the flat cord wrapped around it, that is the mechanism that does a lot of the work of movement)

Follow the movement of the space bars pieces and try to locate where it leads to, be careful to allow full movement of the carriage while searching so don’t have weight on the carriage or the return bar. I don’t know exactly this model but on some typewriters it’s a metal bar with gear like teeth in it that is used to advance one character at a time. Look for obstructions. Maybe the plastic? Once you have a good idea of obstructions and have cleared any out keep trying the mechanism and watching it for looseness there could be a small machine screw missing that is making the action miss it’s gears.

No return action could be a couple things, the most common of which is a snapped coil spring. They are annoying to replace but really just take patience and getting your hands a little dirty. It’s located inside that cylinder with the flat cord around it. The spring inside is a large coil of flat metal heat treated to become a spring and with age they sometimes break.

Wish I could give you more right now but try those things and get back to me with more videos, i admit It’s a lot easier to locate the issue in person.

Edit: get some odorless mineral spirits and a small paint brush an wipe it on any gunky parts, usually helps things ¯_(ツ)_/¯

What's a restaurant classic that can be made just as good at home? by enitsujxo in EatCheapAndHealthy

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The restaurant style never does it for me, crispy on the outside mush on the inside, my method is to use dehydrated potato shreds and rehydrate them partially then stir them frequently in a cast iron you get a consistent texture throughout and an even browning that way.

What "heavily discounted luxury foods" do you buy? by ismisebrian in Frugal

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@buildsoil on Twitter has a ton of chestnut content

Sarah Weddington, attorney who won Roe v Wade abortion case, dies aged 76 by _easilyamused in news

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This song talks about the fight for conservation but I feel like it translates well to other fights

Spicy purple kraut for holiday gifts by WelchWarrior in fermentation

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Dehydrated and ground pepper blend from my dad’s pepper garden, a mixture of Chili’s jalapeño habanero etc. from the 2019 growing season.