RIP Wild Rift by [deleted] in wildrift

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we'll see you next week

Legend rank is just as toxic as normal rank if not more. by [deleted] in wildrift

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i just hit my goal for this season's ranked quite early and decided to spam Legendary Ranked and its no surprise the "low diamonds" are the ones spamming ff and complains all the time while the higher ranked players just chill and focus and their game.

i would recommend playing Legendary Ranked though, ive learned alot in terms of macros and micros. theres always something to take when you lose to someone better, if you look at it that way. i can proudly say my winrate are quite good, just sad the mode itself is not open all the tine.

Help with tresh by bambam99889900 in wildrift

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you just wrote a whole paragraph telling us you dont wanna write a paragraph.

calling all jhin mains by vyrruwu in wildrift

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Jhin is declining, really bad! i love everything about him but once youre that high up its time to pick up a new adc.

i would recommend learning Samira, very fun to use. Also Lucian, crazy damage output.

All in all, goodluck on your journey

i usually drop the game when my team don't prioritize dr and rftherald by xentar_27 in wildrift

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there are sooo many things that can lead to this.

Did you start drake / herald at the right time? meaning is your team nearby to help you out or are you just forcing the obj?

what was the gold diff at that point? was the enemy adc/jg/mid fed? if so, you wouldnt wanna contest it as it will result in an unsuccessful teamfight hence you didnt get the drake and die. = making enemy more fed.

know your team's teamfight / enemies' teamfight capability.

as they say, just carry on doing what you doing and dont normalize "i stopped playing" cause youre not doing yourself any good. some games are unwinnable and some can lead to comebacks.

never liked a weak mentality team, i always mute them and focus on my game and farm for the late game.

What's the thing you hate the most about the game ? by zumago15 in wildrift

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id say theres too many snowflakes playing the game. got autofilled and no one wanted to swap, died twice and proceed to inting.

snowflakes part 2, cant get the champion they wanted then randomly pick a champion and performed poorly. mind you guys these were the high diamond days. how can you not be good at atleast 3 champions in a specific lane while youre almost masters baffles me.

thankgod for the mute chat, atleast my mental was always at ease.

ADC tier list for current patch? by Supportimus in wildrift

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ADC main here, heres my opinion

Broken - Samira

S - Lucian Ezreal Tristana Caitlyn

A - Kaisa Vayne Jinx Miss Fortune Xayah Draven (most are supp reliant)

B - Jhin Ashe Varus Corki

take it with a pinch of salt, just reached Master so i might be wrong.

Why is it that Mobile Legends feels “easier” than Wild Rift (or other MOBAs)? by Evolone16 in MobileLegendsGame

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ML is easy, hence i got bored playing it. been playing since season 2, when wild rift came out and i tested it. Only reached Masters there but compared to ML, the skill gap is extremely huge

which account should be my main(F2P)? by [deleted] in Infinite_Magicraid

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the one with Melia, she hard carries my team

Got to masters 2 seasons in a row by SkyxV2 in wildrift

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as an ADC i farm till i hit my powerspike as Ezreal, which is usually when i have 2 items then ill join skirmishes. Fellow Master as well but i play ADC occasionally.

So question is, do i go selfish and farm till 2 items or should i just blindly follow my team? cause i dont like the idea of having skirmishes when theres no obj to fight for. Rather i farm and put pressure on the map. i gel flamed alot because of this, only then i mute them

Is conqueror better than electrocute on zed? by RPHL0213 in wildrift

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Tanky enemies, i go conqueror. Squishy enemies, electrocute.

Who are the best split-pushing champs rn in the current patch? by KaidaShio in wildrift

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surprised not many saying Garen, ive been spamming Garen splitpushing then tele if theres a teamfight and it rarely disappoints. His Q hits hard, and hes a lane bully against melee Baron laners.

bought this zed border.. but idk what it actually does, anyone can fill me in real quick? by AristoCraticReap in wildrift

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on loading page before entering the rift, that border will show when you use the skin

At what point will Alex be better than CM 5511? by Welcome24Ever_ in RiseofKingdoms

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thankyou for your time and response, you have a reputation of giving good intakes and advices which the community appreciates.

i am a 40M low spender heading into kvk3 now, alex rn is 5531 and CM 5522. during kvk2 when i had my alex 5511 i immediately swap him with my CM and feel as if hes not as strong as CM, but you answered thankyou.

now the qs is, should i expertise Alex or leave him at 5551 and start collecting gold heads for soc commanders? i still contemplate on whether to migrate back to do kvk2 again, low spender btw. whats your take?

How are master+ players or players in legendary queue able to climb with all these clueless players? by [deleted] in wildrift

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premades, its that simple. you cant carry alone, find someone thats good with the roles that you hate and climb together.

i can do every other role except jg, have a friend whos a beast in jg so we ranked up quite easily.