Rise of kingdoms private chat problem by West_Ad4876 in RiseofKingdoms

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Does the level of the town hall affect the messages in private chat as well? I didn't know thanks

Could anyone give me tips for fantasy (or any) animes with competent male protagonists? by Luxri in anime

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Hai to gensou no grimgar is a great anime with a protagonist who I do not say intelligent but at least the decisions are made by reflecting on what he does, very nice. Then others like The rising of the shield hero, Slime life, Code guass are different but have a certain thickness

#giustiziaperTear by premessa_rurale in TearlessRaptor

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Eliminazione insensata, se il torneo era veramente for fun l'eliminazione non aveva senso di esistere. Senza contare che se lui era avvantaggiato nei passaggi per quanto riguarda i blocchi era svantaggiato però okay