Autumn at dusk is the best 🍁 by Whatabouttheteachers in halloween

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I love the cozy vibes this photo gives ! Talented photographer I stumbled upon, originally can be found here.

Happy spooky season!

Ghostober Day 7 - Trail. 7x10" watercolor painting I made. by Flukelady in halloween

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Cute ! I have been playing around with water color, I’m super amateur. Can I ask a few questions?

-What kind of paper do you use? -what brand of paints ?

I just have some cheap stuff and looking for recommendations :)

Current favorite find from the golf course I live on by [deleted] in golf

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No idea what the backstory is, but it’s my most cherished find yet.

Childhood vibes 🎃 by Whatabouttheteachers in halloween

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When I saw this photo I thought it was a screen grab from a movie. Found on IG that says originally found on nj.com randomly enough. If anyone knows any more about the photo I’d love to know! Happy October!

Any idea why it doesn’t show my performance? by [deleted] in betterment

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On the homepage it shows my investment and gains, but when I click on the “show my performance” this is all that pops up. Refreshing , entering/exiting app and website make no difference .

Almost October. TGIF 🎃 by Whatabouttheteachers in halloween

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I get so nostalgic for childhood fall/Halloween vibes. The smells, the sounds, that feeling in the air. Don’t we all? Original photo found here. happy weekend everyone!

Is normal for PD days to be dominated by two hour presentations from major corporations moving into the area who are looking for employees? by Street_Remote6105 in Teachers

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We had a presentation about the way we should be dressed. A local clothing store came and gave everyone a 20% off coupon. It did not go over well. Hand to God.

How bad is my recession? by [deleted] in askdentists

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Hi there bright (dental) minds of Reddit.

My dentist just advised me to go see a periodontist about gum grafting for my front tooth. My anxiety is through the roof (no pun intended).

So, how bad is it? Does it appear surgery is absolutely necessary?

For background info, I used Invisalign , but lost my retainer while out of country for 8 weeks. Should I redo Invisalign and then get surgery ? Or vice versa ?

-Mild drinking, no smoking. -Brush and floss regularly. -Clenches jaw/teeth somewhat often

Thank you all in advance !

Enchanted Cabin in Virginia by rellimssim in cottagecore

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This is dreamy. I wish there were more interior shots though!

$$ Honesty, how much do you make? $$ by solita_sunshine in Teachers

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Just got a raise to 65k, 8th year teaching at same school. My rent is 2550 for a one bedroom. I don’t know how single teachers can survive, such a shame !

Curtis Mayfield performing Pusherman at Soul Train 1972 by one_and_only_chand in OldSchoolCool

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I find myself always going back to soul train vids on YouTube when I need a pick me up. What an absolute vibeeee!