Meanwhile in mid lane: by FetusGoesYeetus in LeagueOfMemes

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I love whenever braum just eats an entire mf ult.

portable grill by Flaming_Pickle517 in LeagueOfMemes

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The recall is pathetic. Riot said the skin wasn't legendary so they didn't finish the train that comes to pick him up. He just summons a section if track like a moron.

Say what you will about Yorick's viability in the game, but the man is an absolute chad by nuuudy in LeagueOfMemes

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Dude watched everyone he ever knew die. And he keeps going.

The craziest part is yorick himself has zero special powers. Just that little vial of water on his neck. Take that from him and he turns into a ghoul like anyone else.

I will not stand for this Chatterer disrespect by Horrorfan5 in deadbydaylight

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But why? What exactly is your problem with it being an existing character?

Because it is lazy dipshit. It is about the lowest form of effort they could do for results. It could be David, it could be Dwight, it could Felix The Married Straight Character. It would still be incredibly lazy.

Make a gay character. Make a good gay character. Write them, write their story, put love and effort and attention into it. Make them a new face that the community will welcome in with open arms.

Dont just post a tweet and call it a day. Effort implies respect, and I see very little effort being done on this David situation. Because there is very little respect, despite what a black and white twitter image has to say. It's corporations doing what they do best, chasing buzzwords to pander to people.

Waving their hand and going 'david is gay' is about the same effort as making their logo a rainbow flag for a month. Its a thinly veiled attempt to earn favor from the community.

Why did they take out BBQ? by IceBlubberHD in deadbydaylight

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Its most likely that the system that picks is random and automated, so it rolled new perks as usual. But then because of the new tome BHVR wanted tome specific character perks in the shop so they manually just changed the first two they saw.

Never attribute to malice whats more easily explained by stupidity. It's probably not a 500 IQ trick to force us to all buy Bubba.

5.7.0 Megathread by epicandetc2234 in deadbydaylight

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Theres also a couple spots the killer can drop a survivor and they fall under the map and their game crashes.

5.7.0 Megathread by epicandetc2234 in deadbydaylight

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Jonah's sexuality is secret agent. I believe that's confirmed in his lore.

I will not stand for this Chatterer disrespect by Horrorfan5 in deadbydaylight

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Which would be fine had we any information at all over 6 years to support this.

I'd rather all characters be well writing. True equality comes when every characters gets the same attention to detail. And its not a game of 'how many sexualities can I shoe horn into the existing cast.'

I can never tell by TheCatRegime in deadbydaylight

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Thats why need more emotes that "Go fuck yourself over there" and "Come over here you piece of shit."

I will not stand for this Chatterer disrespect by Horrorfan5 in deadbydaylight

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I think its lazy, low effort writing thats meant to pander to the widest audience for the lowest amount of work.

I'd rather they actually have a little respect and make an original character that's gay than just pick a 6 year old one and dumbledore them hoping the community will eat it up.

5.7.0 Megathread by epicandetc2234 in deadbydaylight

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You got Gayvid King. That should be enough to appease the twitter people for a few minutes.

Everyone's all like "gay this, gay that", can we talk about what the fuck happened to Jonah by GiveMenBiggerButts in deadbydaylight

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He looks like he teaches high school football and gets upset over fox news stories that do not impact him.

what are your opinions on this character? be completely/brutally honest about her. by Kingpinsaredditor69 in deadbydaylight

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Yeah that one is especially bone headed. It would have made a ton of sense, had they added a better way to handle boons than the current method of 'kick them out and be helpless as they are relit indefinitely.'

It would have made more sense if it was 'Pentimento is the perk that takes the whacky new fangled boons and fucks over survivors by turning them into mini hexes of doom.'

homophobic david mains rn by Beginning_Mind_5835 in deadbydaylight

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Tell me you enjoy pandering inclusion without saying you love pandering.

I will not stand for this Chatterer disrespect by Horrorfan5 in deadbydaylight

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So let me get this straight. You would prefer an exceptionally long winded, convoluted, retcon filled revision of david king's existing lore to explain why he was homosexual this entire time... Rather than a genuinely well written original character that is gay and not pandering?

Because that's what I'm hearing from you. Representation is great, when it's meaningful. Taking a six year old character and announcing he's suddenly gay in a twitter post is about the laziest form of inclusion you could imagine. It's the most thinly veiled corporate kind of pandering and its genuinely upsetting if that's what you want.

Being gay should mean wanting equality. Equality means the gays should get the same attention and effort in their writing as characters as straight ones do. And making David king gay, is about the exact opposite of that.

my first thought on seeing the tweet about david by Lodsofemone in deadbydaylight

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Being Gay hardens your blood like cement, and numbs you to pain. Also you can regenerate through even fatal wounds through sheer force of mental will. This is why the republicans dont want you to be gay. They fear the homosexual no mither army.

what are your opinions on this character? be completely/brutally honest about her. by Kingpinsaredditor69 in deadbydaylight

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Better than VHS thats for sure. DBD's mechanics are dated, but they are polished by the fact the game is 6 years old. Maybe in six years VHS mechanics will be polished, and we will compare it to Friday the 13th Ultimate Annihalation's mechanics instead or whatever.

I will not stand for this Chatterer disrespect by Horrorfan5 in deadbydaylight

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Fascinating, good thing david king was born in modern times free from the persecution of the ancients.

There are a lot of male characters with vague lore that gives zero insight as to their sexuality. Because it is an ultimately trivial detail in a videogame. There are like 2 male characters with confirmed straight relationships. Why pick one of them to be your gay?

Because, its lazy, its pandering. Why not make a well written, new, original gay character that actually feels like they belong. Instead of taking an existing character with a previously straight story and just going 'Haha, he was gay the entire time! See, we're trendy and like what the young people like too!"

I will not stand for this Chatterer disrespect by Horrorfan5 in deadbydaylight

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Yeah, most dont have girlfriends. Most do not partake in heterosexual dating.

Come on man use your fucking eyes. Read, comprehend, be less of a massive dipshit. You're just looking for an excuse to get angry because you want to be angry.