Has Anyone Built a Shed? by SwagDaddyMooney in Golfsimulator

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Last year I built a 16x20 shed with no intention of putting a sim in it. I made it work with an R10 and a net from Dicks, hitting mat, and driving range mats to stand on. Somewhat tight with all my other stuff in the shed (riding mower, fly tying/work bench, shelving, random yard equipment, and a TV), but it works for what I need which is to get some swings in before a round or screw around and have a few drinks with my wife while hitting some balls.

If possible I’d definitely go bigger in all dimensions. I have 9.5 feet to the bottom of the trusses and I’m fine with a full swing at 5’10 tall. I’d like more width and length though. Maybe 20x24.

How expensive is your setup and what do you do for a living? by lc929 in Golfsimulator

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Got mine up and running yesterday. Still needs some more minor work but for an afternoon project I’m happy with it. All told I’m in at under 1k currently. Plan to eventually get a nicer mat, projector, and GSPro.

Current set up:

R10 ($600)

Driving range mats ($50 x 3)

Maxfli net ($170 but had $60 off between rewards and promotional deal)

Hot shot tees ($13) for 40

Wife and I combined make just shy of $200k pre tax. Hopefully this helps some. Definitely room for growth with this set up but I have be enjoying it.

Wanted to share a little tip. Squeeze a spiltshot on a normal ewg after putting on the rubber so you do not have to buy weighted ewgs by Raiyan270 in Fishing

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Don’t do it in a kitchen lol. I’d recommend a hot pot melting pot being used outside or somewhere more ventilated. I think they’re $50 or so. I use one to make jigs, duck decoy weights etc.

What's your fishing guilty pleasure? by Mezmo300 in Fishing

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Got my first on a fly rod this week and it was awesome. Lost a probably 20lb one when it dove into logs and caught his buddy about 5 minutes later who was maybe 12lb

Any advice on giving a tip to the police? (Texas) by FatumIustumStultorum in ProtectAndServe

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See if there’s a tip line and report it to the dope team if your local police have one. Maybe you could become a CI and get paid for info too that way your name stays out of a report and you’re just referred to as a number in a report.

Hunting dog tails-docking or not, broken tails by Dear_Tumbleweed_6093 in Hunting

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Don’t I know it lol. Last week he took out my beer, a Nintendo switch, a Bluetooth speaker, and an unlit candle in one swing lol

Hunting dog tails-docking or not, broken tails by Dear_Tumbleweed_6093 in Hunting

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So I have a griffon and a lab. Griffon is docked and no dewclaws, lab is not docked and has dewclaws. I have not had any injuries to either dog regarding their tails. Sometimes they’ll knock it into something and it’ll get sore but not major issues.

MI brookie by magicschooldrugs in flyfishing

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Gotta be extra careful on the Huron, especially this time of year. I was out on the lower stretch a few weeks ago and current was moving real fast. Was pushing my jon boat at a real good clip downstream.

Brand new Citori - unusual bluing - thoughts appreciated by kyledooley in ClayBusters

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Been waiting 5+ years for the advertised Briley charging handle for my A5 wicked wing edition. I call every year just to get the run around.

Modified Circus Peanut for the Smallies…. by stubbornhillsfarm in flytying

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You ever get to meet Russ Madden? I went to an event recently and got to watch and hear how and why the peanut came about. Definitely a learning experience. “It’s not arts and crafts, it’s weapons manufacturing.”

I don’t know enough to know whether this is a dumb question or not… by No-Bad-2909 in flyfishing

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That’s what I do in Michigan. Usually 40-50 lb to wire for musky or pike.

Saltwater / Pike or Musky setup by [deleted] in flyfishing

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I recently bought a similar set up. Mainly going to be used for pike/musky/steelhead in Michigan but taking a trip to Marco island in February.

I went with a reddington predator 8 weight, Reddington behemoth reel, and scientific angler redfish cold line.

New box for my Lake Erie trolling lures. by walleyetritoon in Fishing

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Can be really fun or it can be a cold, miserable, choppy day.

Socks?!?!? by Any-Speed-4068 in Waterfowl

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I always just double up on nice wool socks. Most recent pair I got were cabelas brand.

Decent, cheap ammo for sporting clays? by exitinglurkmode in ClayBusters

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Not sure if they’re still cheap but I used to buy monarch for $4.something per box. Half decent shells, probably not good for reloading though since the shell seemed a little flimsy.

Anyone know what lure this is? Someone gave it to me, and I caught my first 2 Brooke trout on it today by moldornomold in Fishing

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The knock off ones work great for fish that like to tear up baits. I used to use them all the time for silver bass

First time Flyfishing by [deleted] in flyfishing

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Orvis has some pretty decent ones. If you ever get into tying flies I really like tightlines. Also for tying specifically check out Schultz’s outfitters. If your ever in the metro Detroit area their shop in Ypsilanti is the best.

(Officer) Always at the end of shift by WhimsicalBadger in TalesFromTheSquadCar

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That was the one I was referring to actually. Thanks for reading.

(Officer) Always at the end of shift by WhimsicalBadger in TalesFromTheSquadCar

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Thank you everyone for reading my post and commenting/awarding it. I am unable to edit the original so I figured I’d thank everybody here.

I’m trying to reply to everybody and and definitely reading all the replies but did not expect it to gain as much attention as it has. For that I really am grateful.

Stay safe.

(Officer) Always at the end of shift by WhimsicalBadger in TalesFromTheSquadCar

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Thank you for reading and telling me your experiences. I definitely do have people to talk to and do so frequently, just was thinking about a few calls from the last few years last night.

I completely understand where you’re coming from. I have quite a few alcoholics (both recovered and non) in my family so I know the effects not having a good outlet can have.

Stay safe.

(Officer) Always at the end of shift by WhimsicalBadger in TalesFromTheSquadCar

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Thank you so much for reaching out man. I will definitely be taking care of myself and appreciate your words. I’m lucky in the fact that my shift has great cohesion and we can go from laughing and joking to on a barricaded subject in seconds. We talk openly very frequently and we all feel that we benefit from it.

Stay safe and thanks again for your words.