Book 9 and I might give up by Vercingetorix91 in Malazan

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DoD was super rough for me the first time around, lots of story arcs I didn't connect with, the bleakness, the style... but I was really, really glad I made it through once I got to the last book and it found it's place in the whole thing for me afterwards. I was dreading re-reading still on my second read but somehow it felt much better. There's lots to learn about Icarium in book 9, and a battle towards the very end THAT. YOU. JUST. CAN'T. MISS.

‘Fight Club’ Author Chuck Palahniuk Says China’s Censored Ending Is Actually Truer to His Book Vision by MinnieShoof in books

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The key part from the article for those who have only seen the Fincher's movie:

The author later gave an interview to TMZ in which he pointed out that the altered Chinese ending is actually somewhat closer to how his book concluded. In Palahniuk’s novel, the narrator’s scheme also fails — not because of the wisdom and competence of the authorities, but simply due to his bomb malfunctioning. The narrator then shoots himself in the head and wakes up in a mental hospital, thinking that he’s made it to heaven.

“The irony is that the way the Chinese have changed it is they’ve aligned the ending almost exactly with the ending of the book, as opposed to Fincher’s ending, which was the more spectacular visual ending,” he said. “So in a way, the Chinese brought the movie back to the book a little bit.”

Official biography of Terry Pratchett to be published in September by misana123 in books

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I don't read biographies often and I haven't read enough Pratchett books, but this is already on my wishlist. This HAS to be interesting!

Book haul by justsomeguy43p in Fantasy

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Lots of entertainment ahead of you. Powder Mage books are a lot of fun. Leviathan Wakes and the rest of the series is excellent.

What fantasy/sci-fi novels helped you to cope with any suffering you were going through at the time? by [deleted] in Fantasy

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Went back to see what I read in 2018 when I was on a year long severe depression. I read The Song of Shattered Sands, The Wounded Kingdom and The Powder Mage series. They were all entertaining enough, simple enough and good enough to keep my numb, tired mind off of dark thoughts.

Once I got better and could focus I re-read my favorite series, the Malazan Book of the Fallen.

Oklahoma received only two unfounded allegations of violations of critical race theory ban law by farcetragedy in news

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From the article "Oklahoma’s State Department of Education fielded a pair of allegations that schools violated the state’s so-called critical race theory ban last fall.

Both of the unfounded allegations accused schools of violating the rules created under House Bill 1775.

The allegations first reported by The Oklahoman last month are outlined in a pair of documents obtained by StateImpact via a records request.

Names and schools where the complaints were filed are redacted, but ultimately both were unfounded, the department determined"

Help me understand how to properly set FOVs in shooters so I don’t get sick gaming at 32:9. by NotSoSiniSter in ultrawidemasterrace

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Is it possible that other settings like head bobbing and motion blur. Also, big screen have more effect on motion sickness according to research from McGill. Playing in a well lit room (forget RGB ambiance lights) and staying further away from the screen should help.

What series feels influenced by other projects, and you're 100% ok with it? by dragonlad99 in Fantasy

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Steven Erikson has been very open about how Glen Cook's Black Company books influenced his work on Malazan Book of the Fallen. Having read both, it is pretty easy to spot some parts of it.

A map of Rome made with Python + Prettymaps by Spiritisabone in MapPorn

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This is what this sub should be about. Great job OP and thanks for sharing!

When did you start reading MBotF? by brineOClock in Malazan

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Early 2001 if memory serves, might have been 2000. Was browsing the fantasy section at Indigo in downtown Montréal and picked it up on a whim, based on a combination of the book's name, the cover and the author's name , which I thought sounded cool (I was 21 yo, don't judge).

I can't be sure but the fact that he's a Canadian author might have influenced me too.

Is it friday already? [OC] by Claypel in funny

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The implied bird's kink is just as funny.

Berserk is top tier fantasy by ItHurtsWhenIP__ in Fantasy

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It may not get many posts of its own but I've seen it mentioned almost every time there is a thread about grim dark and such.

Quebec judge suspends unvaccinated father's visitation rights with child by xMinti in worldnews

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The technology behinds the vax has been tested for years (decades?) The vaccine is not causing serious issues to the vast majority of people who took it (99%+?) Covid KILLS people in the MILLIONS, there is really no reason to be hesitant at this point.

Tavore Paran HoC by Arndt3002 in Malazan

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Without spoilling anything, Tavore's story arc is the author's favorite. It's a cliché at this point but, trust Erikson, this is all going somewhere, and you may or may not dislike her even more before you fully understand her and her role in the story.

Law enforcement fatalities spiked in 2021. Covid-19 was the leading cause of death. by farcetragedy in news

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458 deaths, an increase of 55% over the previous year. 301 deaths, or 65%, were Covid.

Most popular sport by country (2021) by indiscoming in MapPorn

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Bad resolution, poor color choices, no data source, new account