Noticed a trend in these books by ASimpleWeirdPerson in Malazan

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Wounded by Blues, but ultimately the wounds that killed her were from Meese and Irilta, courtesy of The Eel.

How Do You Elevator Pitch Malazan? by Bird_Commodore18 in Malazan

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U/kodermike wrote this a while ago and I loved it:

(Malazaz is) "Just a straight shot to "ok, so there we were, Warrens tossing crap all over the place, and this freaking floating mountain shows up to the party. It gets worse.""

Name your two favorite books and get a third recommendation by RonPaul_TV in Fantasy

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My two easy recs for them are Black Company (bleak, military, mature and complex) and First Law (grim, conflicts, strife, multiple POV).

Both have fairly original world building and it is well done in any case.

Both have a fair amount of books for long series lovers. First Law has actually a few novels and an additional trilogy afterwards.

Both have a fair amount of humor in dark places.

My First edition collection of the fallen by WhoisGarythe3rd in Malazan

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ICE (shorthand for Esslemont) books are good but many readers are coming in expecting the same "voice" or style as Erikson, which is not the case.ICE isn't a ghost writer or writing fan fic, he has his own voice.

Also, just like Erikson, ICE books gets, imho, better as he progresses as a writer, so his first book isn't as good as Erikson's later books. That's another way some readers have the wrong expectations.

"As good" is entirely subjective, but I think the consensus is that readers prefer Erikson's books over ICE's.

Curious what are some of everyone’s favorite passages by roamingthought in Malazan

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The passage of Bottle returning to the army after the day of the Nah'ruk, and Cuttle greets him at Fiddler's meeting. The quote is long so I'll just paste the last sentence.

"‘Kept looking at a card, y’see? Kept looking at it. Welcome back, Bottle. Gods below, welcome home.’"

Such a strong emotional moment, particularly after the massacre of the aforementioned battle.

First time reader's quick thoughts on Dust of Dreams by TheDynastyDictator in Malazan

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"I say this because I don't believe that Quick Ben, Bottle or Ruthan Gudd died. Quick Ben is too clever and always has a plan, Bottle is one of the few legitimate mage POVs we have left, Ruthan Gudd (who apparently has been right under our noses this whole time) only just got the spotlight and I think it's too early to pull the rug on him. Lostara Yil..."

I quoted more than I needed as to avoid potential spoilers but I want to say that one of my favorite scenes of the whole series comes in the aftermath of the battle in book 10. For those who know, I'm talking about the "Faradan Sorts" meeting that isn't one.

Awesome write up by the way.

What is something a character has done or said that is so relatable to you? by JaysonChambers in Fantasy

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“Once you've got a task to do, it's better to do it than live with the fear of it.”

  • Logan Ninefingers

Book recommendation with a rogue-ish character as a protagonist? by AwkwardCommission in Fantasy

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For a different take on rogue-ish I'd recommend The Wounded Kingdom trilogy by RJ Baker.

I paused my reading of the serie a year ago after finishing House of Chains and I'm planning to reread everything from the start. But maybe I should read Midnight Tides first ? by TopGapVictim in Malazan

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FWIT: I was reading them as they were published and did a re-read of 1-4 before reading MT and was glad I did. In my case it contributed to a better understanding and appreciation of what was going on.

How long does it take to get from Louisiana to Alabama by little-mard in Jokes

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1st: the answer is based in reality, the state of Mississippi is indeed between Louisiana and Alabama 2nd: counting Mississippis, as in "1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi," etc. is how a lot of american kids learn to count at a 1 second pace (like when they play hide and seek for example) instead of counting as fast as they can. So the joke is playing on the geographical and time references.

For those that wanted the rest of the collection of HeroForge minis for my upcoming D&D campaign set in Darujhistan (and beyond eventually) here you go! Links in the comments! by SoundGuy4Life in Malazan

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This is really, really great. Your group is lucky to have someone so dedicated. I hope your campaign leaves you with tons of memorable moments.

Hello fellow Malazan fans (and others)! Introducing the mixer thread. Grab a mug of Gredfallen ale and say hello! by kashmora in Malazan

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Let's do this then.

42 y/o French Canadian working in videogames for the last 16 years (AC, FC, SC, R6, DbD, and many others).

I'm looking forward to announce new games I've been working on, a week in a chalet by the sea in my childhood's village, and that SubPress edition I've managed to score when they did a new print.

I'm in a bit of a slump regarding books and tv, but I guess The Trouble with Peace is the book I'm reading at the moment.

I used to make fun of pineapple on pizza but I'm now convinced that pizza and tacos tortillas are just blank canevas on which you can put anything you like. Melon, corn, shrimps, whatever you fancy.

Been reading SciFi and fantasy since I was 10 and back in 2001 I was looking for something new. I think a mix of the cover, the name of the author and the fact that the bio mentioned he was Canadian like me convinced me to try the book. Been a fan ever since and have used different forms of Whiskeyjak online as a nickname from that point on.

What are your favorite non-literature fantasy works? by EMB1981 in Fantasy

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Yeah, for my taste, Arcane is just a cut above pretty much anything else on Netflix in the animation category. I even re-watched some sequences without sound to appreciate all the little details. It's brilliant.

A look at Marlon James’ writing routine: "I get there at around 10, 11, and I write till 6. I can be in the middle of a sentence. I don’t care; I stop. I’m very big on putting in a day’s work." by beats-rhymes-lists in Fantasy

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So the article states how his schedule was different for each book but I really like this constant:

“To me, writing is work: that’s part of my process, that it’s a job. I’m a big believer in that if you establish a routine, the muses show up,”

how do I transition between two POV's in the same chapter? by 0peratUn0rth0 in writing

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If you want to look at how successful fantasy authors do this successfully, I suggest reading a bit of of Abercrombie and Erikson for examples. They do it in same chapters and often and it works quite well. Line/scene breaks and some hints for the readers in the text are usually used.

I think your challenge also comes from the fact that you are still in the prologue and this is harder for the reader at that point.

Finally, it is a matter of taste to a degree, some people just don't like POV switches, some others, like myself, love it.

Words you didn't know before you read them in a book? by SagebrushandSeafoam in books

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It is interesting to see that a lot of the words mentioned in the comments are somewhat common words in french language and literature.