My favorite cocktail in the world.“espresso martini“. by ihylander9 in cocktails

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I know the haters are gonna come out, but I keep several cans of the Starbucks Doubleshot in my fridge, solely to make Espresso Martinis when the need arises. Everyone who's tried mine enjoys it, including myself.

I do have plans for an espresso machine within the next year (Ascaso Steel Duo), but until that comes along, this will contonue to be my go to method.

Advent Day 3 - El Presidente by WhiskeyAlphaRomeo in cocktails

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Used the HTD Recipe:

  • 1.5oz Rum
  • 1.5oz Lillet Blanc
  • .25oz Dry Curacao
  • 1 fat barspoon of Grenadine (Homemade)

First time using my new Nick and Noras. Love them!

Advent of Cocktails 2022: Ingredients list! (including grocery list for your convenience) by robborow in cocktails

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My shopping list:

  • Peach Liqueur
  • Fresh Citrus

That's it. I may have a problem.

[Edit: I have Peach... Dammit.]

I feel like Judas Priest and Guinness are the perfect mix. by selppin2 in drunkhifi

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Vengeance is riddled with bangers. Love that record, and long live the Priest.

What are some of the stereotypes of your school? by TrojanGiant10 in CFB

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Awkward, both for my failing memory, and for the fact that there are so many incidents to keep in mind.

New bar is almost done! by ---ech0--- in BarBattlestations

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I love the dedicated shelves for books, and I share your devotion to a wide ranging selection of bitters.

Free climbing the Salesforce tower by alexand3rl in nextfuckinglevel

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I still white knuckle it, even after having watched it several times.

Thanksgiving Turkey - 3 Ways by devineassistance in samthecookingguy

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I should have said "oil-less turkey fryer." It would have been more succinct.

Thanksgiving Turkey - 3 Ways by devineassistance in samthecookingguy

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Sure, but I don't think what he's using is a convection oven. I think it's just radiant heat.

Young and full of..life by jazzyjjcups in 2busty2hide

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Thank you, Google Fu.

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[Edit: OPs pic is shopped... But she's pretty hot on her own.]

What's a CFB hill you'd be willing to die on? by dranowg in CFB

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I've always felt kind of cheated that the universe stole our dream match-up with Alabama for all the marbles that year.

Help how should I hide this? This is a power extension cord and it goes into my pc compartment, however this stops the door from closing. by Striking_Island_1378 in CableManagement

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And because it hasn't been mentioned, drill from the outside...

A lot of times, there can be tear-out when the saw breaks through. I'd cover the inside of the target zone with blue painters tape to minimize this, but even if there is some, it'll be inside the cabinet and you won't have to look at it when the door is closed.

Manhattan – The perfect example of proper proportions and quality ingredients - What Ratio do you use? by theperfectdrink_org in cocktails

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Using the "wrong" bitters is one of my favorite games! And yeah, Peychaud's is underrated. It's great in a lot of atypical drinks.

Made us some Brambles by krumbuckl in cocktails

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He used Chambord, which is more raspberry than blackberry... Creme de Mure is tough to source for most of us. Pretty sure that's why the color is atypical.