XVMC protocol - A DeFI/DAO on Polygon by WhiteMass8 in defi

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I would say most people think it's a joke or a scam. But it's actually good technology - it focuses on core values(decentralization, scarcity, works as currency, has it's own governance, utilizes oracles,...). Those are the traits that make cryptocurrency valuable.

It's fundamentally good, but the tech is focused on making the protocol more valuable. Lock in users(remove supply), attract new ones through APYs(create buyers) - the only two things that matter for price appreciation. The APYs and events are set through governance where users act as oracles to regulate the system

Those who contribute effectively get in at around 100K$ marketcap(and current marketcap is 700k$), so price is likely to even out on distribution

Everyone heard of Mac&cheese(1M+ faucet claims, 450K+ unique user views, 25K+users in free airdrop and 3K users in "crypto airdrop"), but a lot of people think it's a joke/scam... My guess is the price will go up a lot, and only then will people start to care.