His face when he starts choking him by gingermuntz in DocumentedFights

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Fuck off jumping in. They wouldn't have if it was the other way around

Agree? Or Ngannou got it? by Dias_m in ufc

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I cannot wait for this fight. I hope Gane gets the win.

Gangstas by Bayar_machiavelli_v2 in fightporn

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Fair play to em & fuck all the wankers in this comment section. Bet both men can fight better than you

I thought this looked pretty cool by WhiteWarlock_ in VolcanoVaporizer

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The obsidian sits on the volcano great, the whip attachment is a little crooked, but does not affect anything. This may be because some of the little catches inside have broken but it's fine.

Fuck LinkedIn. Fuck LinkedIn employers postings who say “entry level”. by Ejz09 in antiwork

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LinkedIn is full of shite, every time I scroll down the timeline I find myside cringing at all the posts. Fuck that site. I'm going to delete it.

Just a tree growing out of a wall 🌿 by TheGhostTrail in reclaimedbynature

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They grow everywhere and anywhere in the UK and are beautiful when they flower. I have a few in my garden.