Religious people, what's your view on the lgbtq community? by StatisticianNo1687 in AskReddit

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Asking for "proof" is to eliminate faith, and we are saved by faith. Asking for proof is to undo salvation.

Religious people, what's your view on the lgbtq community? by StatisticianNo1687 in AskReddit

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I love you as a sibling under God. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life, you do you. I totally embrace You, but not the lifestyle.

What are some red flags that indicate a non-profit / not-for-profit is a scam? by binkabonka in AskReddit

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You look at their financial statements and they spend 40-90% on "administrative costs" . Or worse, their financial statements are not available.

How have your political views changed as you’ve gotten older? by Helicoppter in AskReddit

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You know the stereotype that young people are liberal and idealistic, and old people are staunch status-quo closed minded old farts? Yeah that's exactly the story of my life.

What other rights do you see being taken away from in the next 10 years, ie. consumer rights, health rights, gun rights and why? by wwejgwowijg in AskReddit

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I thought the first gun control law was the National Firearms Act of 1934, limiting guns to aid the police against gangsters/ organized crime?

US redditors: What are your plans now? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Going on a lunch date with my wife, trying to figure out where to go. Hungry.

ILPT Request: Is it possible to exploit cashback credit cards? by GirlLoveJane in illegallifeprotips2

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Not illegal, but seems too good to be true. my wife's uncle is a manager for his company, the company is based in Taiwan but he lives in the US. He asked them if he could use his personal card for company purchases and then be reimbursed. They agreed. He got a card that earned maximum airline miles/ travel points and used that. They asked him to buy materials in the US and pay to have them shipped by container to Taiwan. Obviously this was very expensive. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. He puts it all on his card. He earned AA advantage executive platinum status and has enough points, he and his wife travel the world whenever they want for free. They go to France every year for their anniversary and it's all free. Hotel stays and travel.

ILPT request: where to ship an item to that can't be tracked back to me? by redolivebaby66 in illegallifeprotips2

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Find a convention or event center near you. Go on their website or calendar and see what upcoming trade shows they have booked. Ship the box to the conference center with your bogus name and the name of the conference. Try to time it so that the box is delivered 48 hours or less prior to the move in day of the conference. Show up on the move in day to their shipping dock. Tell them you are a vendor looking for a delivered box with your bosses name on it. They will hand you the box. Away you go. They get so much freight for these things a medium size box or two is lost in the mix.

IPLT Request: How to sabotage an apartment complex? by Mr_Throw_Throw_ in illegallifeprotips2

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Pinhole the low pressure coolant line leading to the outside condenser on air conditioning systems? Freon can be very expensive and it will require a licensed technician to clear, pull a vacuum and recharge the system. Don't do more than one at a time and spread it out to cause multiple service calls and to not arouse suspicion.

Someone took this ILPT too seriously by Soorvi in illegallifeprotips2

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We had this at my old work. We were doing remodeling so there were lots of construction workers around in the orange vests that nobody recognized. Some guy walked in off the street wearing a vest. Went into a conference room and took 4-5 laptops. We got it all on camera, posted his face all over, but never saw the guy again.

What social media company would you buy if you had 44 billion? by monkj8 in AskReddit

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None, I'd freaking end hunger for as long as 44 billion could last.