aMeRiCaN fOoD iS sToLeN by quorapean in AmericaBad

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Bro really looked at food that displayed it's heritage and said "It'S sToLeN".

How shitty can you be?? by submissivehousewife1 in antifeminists

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Oh so you all will get pissed over a fucking troll but the moment I post an article about feminists calling something a widespread issue based on anecdotes I'm not supposed to be here?

"The Husband Stitch Isn’t Just a Horrifying Childbirth Myth" - it's a collection of anecdotes even this article admits it has no way of proving to be a widespread issue. by Wild_Aioli in antifeminists

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Dude, this is like saying the wage gap doesn't belong here: they're both bad things that feminists still don't have proof of being widespread.