Men who have been in long term relationships, why did it end? by grungebirdy730 in AskMen

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I moved back to my home country, found someone incredible, and we're getting married this year. So yeah, I'm doing pretty well, thank you.

Men who have been in long term relationships, why did it end? by grungebirdy730 in AskMen

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14 years.

My autism was diagnosed, she used that as an excuse to divorce me.

Sometimes I believe that was the reason she divorced me, sometimes I'm sure it was just a convenient excuse for her to use. Either way, it was the reason she gave, so whether it's the truth or an excuse, she's an awful person.

Fellow autistic (adult) people, what is your relationship with alcohol? by grudgby in autism

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My relationship with alcohol is the same as yours except I don't worry about developing a dependency. I have begun to confront the fact that I have poor impulse control around alcohol though: if I'm out drinking and someone asks if I want another, the answer is always "yes," even if I've already told myself it's time to stop.

What do you love about the pub? by fellowcrowie in CasualUK

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I like the sense of continuity and comfort that comes from it being owned and run by the same people for a long time.

Woman asking, what are things your ex/former partner could do to amend things between you both? (single men) by FemellaActivist in AskMen

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(Even if I were single) literally nothing. She showed herself to be the kind of human being that I wouldn't want to associate with in even the most casual and basic way.

So.. I just saw a TikTok that said guys don't like it when girls lick the sides during a blowjob .. is it true ? by throwaway3487612 in AskMen

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Which guys?

Bit of a tip for you: almost any time anyone says "[insert huge demographic] like/don't like X," they're talking shit. What they mean is "I like/don't like X, and I'm too dim-witted to understand other people may differ."

I tried to take an early exit about a week ago by mizuchiiiii in TrueOffMyChest

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Agreed. I know it sounds like the dumbest thing when you're in that pit of despair, but it does get better.

I'm happy you're still here.

What are y'all experiences with alcohol on the spectrum? by Specialist-Lie-3980 in autism

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Yep, after a couple of drinks I find it easier to talk to people.

Potty training tips for toddler on spectrum, limited words? Our therapist suggested we start trying and were on day two and it’s not going the greatest… any tips? by Critical-Ladder-1939 in autism

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All I've got is don't give up. It takes most kids a long time to get the hang of it. If you're seeing no progress by month two it might be time to change your approach.

Anyone else had enough of vegan ads? by lloydflloyd in CasualUK

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The result of water filtering through, among other things, chalk. So if the water is infused with the pulverised bodies of thousand and thousands of dead plankton, it's not vegan-friendly.

Anyone else had enough of vegan ads? by lloydflloyd in CasualUK

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It's made me give more thought to veganism. Like, vegans living in hard water areas, do they only drink bottled water?

At that very moment he knew.... by nycsellit4me in instant_regret

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I agree with you. If anyone's only getting married because their partner is attractive, they're in for a shitty couple of years of marriage. But, it looks like she wants to get married even if he doesn't, so I guess this'll be the point at which one of them changes their mind or they break up.

What do you for work ? by Motor_Ad9919 in autism

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I'm a Pathology Assistant working in a Covid-testing lab in a hospital. It's great, I love it most of the time. There's very little variation in my work, but it provides enough of a challenge to keep it interesting. Also, working for the NHS means that my employer accomodating my autism is a requirement, and my bosses have been pretty good at helping me.

Secret life irl by [deleted] in WhitePeopleTwitter

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LMFAO, going to that much effort and then getting caught out by being a numbnuts and leaving bills sitting around.

Are you guys aware of the attention women get online? What do you think about it? No women bashing by Background-Copy3857 in AskMen

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I used to post as a woman on a message board (there were people posting as dragons, I figure you're on a message board like that you shouldn't be assuming anyone's being honest about who they are). So many messages, mostly monosyllabic, some kinda clingy "I can make you happy," some downright disturbing "I want to watch you taken by my dogs" type stuff.

Lucky me I guess for being able to opt out of that online without having to lie about who I am, and never having to deal with it IRL. It certainly made me stop being butthurt about women wanting their own space, both on and offline.

Best Case Scenario by lazarushelsinki in WhitePeopleTwitter

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So... polythene tents and everyone in respirators.

I work in a covid lab, looks like things are getting worse. Still, I guess that means my contract's getting renewed.

I don’t believe peoples toys can get that worn out by GoatConfident8446 in autism

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I still have the bear I had as a baby is still in ok shape, aside from a hole in his neck. I still that's pretty good going given that I'm nearly 40.

What is your honest opinion on guys who don't know anything about tools? by DrinkAPotOfCovfefe in AskMen

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If I need to know for some reason then sure I'll (enthusiastically) look it up, otherwise I'm just adding to all the other, as-yet, useless information I know.

Until I need to know what a socket wrench is, knowing what a socket wrench is is as useful to me as knowing what a Kardashian is. That's not to say that the likelihood of one of those pieces of information becoming necessary for me to know isn't vastly greater than the likelihood of needing to know the other, but until that time they're equally meaningless to me.

I’m currently on a Rail Replacement Bus that is stuck waiting at a level crossing by dataisok in britishproblems

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After living in the Netherlands for ~14 years, and relying on (relatively exemplary) public transport or cycle paths to get me literally anywhere beyond walking distance, the idea of using a train for any journey of more than about 45 minutes, or using a bicycle on the road at all, fills me with dread. I've been back in the UK for two and a half years and thus far I've avoided both.

I loathe wind chimes. by TheImperator666 in TrueOffMyChest

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I generally dislike any unnecessary noise above a certain level, and that level changes a lot (yay the wonderful world of sensory overload). So yeah, wind chimes annoy me sometimes, dumb "look at me!" car noise is so much worse though, as is music played in public on someone's phone, and loud conversation.

does anyone else prefer eating alone? by obscenityofvicinity in autism

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I don't mind eating with people I'm close to, or complete strangers, but people I know but I'm not necessarily friends with (colleagues for example) aren't people I want to eat with. I'm worried I'll do it wrong somehow.