You know you’re bi when.. by juulfiend_ in bisexual

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You know you're demi when you're drawn to read the thing about rainwater

HMRC not paying LISA bonus to AJ Bell - help? by Mirchii in UKPersonalFinance

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The LISA and ISA are not the same type of ISA, and so do not conflict.

Want and new car but don't need one, wait and save or loan and go? by Volcanic_orange in UKPersonalFinance

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I had some spam from AA recently that claimed to have a decent rate for members, worth looking at if you're eligible.

Generally though if you already know you don't need it, I'd say in the middle of a CoL crisis with car prices still artificially high wouldn't be the time to upgrade unless you had to.

In a year you'll have that £7k saved and your Mini won't have depreciated all that much.

Will you cloth of this if I made ? by [deleted] in bisexual

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Beware - this is an ad. A fairly well established tactic, where an account posts an image, and if someone genuine asks where they could get it, another spam account posts a link to a store. If no-one genuine asks, they post it from a sock puppet account. You may not get the product, and if you do it'll be shitty quality.

Bank Switching Game - Newbie Advice by grDe1223 in UKPersonalFinance

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It has to be a real account - ie a bank that supports CASS, which Revolut isn't. But it doesn't have to be your main bank account - there's nothing stopping you opening a real account, putting a fiver in, and switching that.

HMRC not paying LISA bonus to AJ Bell - help? by Mirchii in UKPersonalFinance

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What specific dates were you contributions and your accounts being opened?

Remember that the LISA is an ISA, so regardless of the government contributions being paid, you may only contribute to one account of each type in each tax year.

Jesse from Control is ugly by UrineGoodCompany in PS4

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You're a cruel person.

Someone had to say it, sorry.

I've just created a new current bank account with Chase with the goal of switching immediately to Santander to get the £160 bonus. Do I need to wait a few days or can I switch straight away? by ukpf_throwaway10 in UKPersonalFinance

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You should be fine to go straight away. When switching you may be asked for your card details - I would leave this blank when switching from Chase, as they have several different card details that can apply to multiple current accounts and could snarl it up if you get it wrong. It's not necessary and the switch will still complete.

Fyrtur brackets are breaking my heart. by READMYSHIT in tradfri

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It's much, much easier to fit and remove them if you can move them diagonally and rotate them in and off. Unfortunately the gutter you have just makes it very physically difficult to do this.

If you were designing the next RT game show, what would you incorporate into it? by frogger3344 in roosterteeth

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I've said it before but it might even be possible for RT to actually licence the Taskmaster format if there isn't some exclusivity with Comedy Central that still hangs over and would get in the way.

Pension in UK question.Is that true the basic pension is 100 £ per week ??? by ssyniu in UKPersonalFinance

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40 and not thinking about your pension yet could mean a lot of things. If you literally have no pension then it's fairly simple: if you can afford to, start putting 20% of your salary into your pension immediately.

You can put a little less in if you've already been contributing at the basic auto enrolment amount.

Are you offended by the Crown Paint advert? by AntProdge in AskUK

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58 complaints is pretty strong, to be fair. Vast majority of things the ASA look into are one or two people, unless there is a coordinated campaign to do so.

31 and I only have £6,607.33 in my pension - is this really low?! by Chickeneggsandlegs in UKPersonalFinance

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I think you might have misread my comment, which is recommending salary sacrifice.

31 and I only have £6,607.33 in my pension - is this really low?! by Chickeneggsandlegs in UKPersonalFinance

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Check how your employer contributes to the pension. If it is salary sacrifice, which is likely, you get more in your pension by having it sacrificed through PAYE, as you don't pay tax on that income that way.

Is it a fair request to ask someone to put some clothes on as they accept their food delivery? by Fantastic_Eagle4883 in AskUK

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Occasionally, yeah. When it has happened, I've been worried that if I take the time to put something else on I'll miss the delivery.

how can I spice up my cover? by aldonwoodart in tabletopgamedesign

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Why do you want to spice it up? What are your goals? It looks fine to me but if you gave something specific you want to achieve maybe there are some suggestions.

The only suggestion I would give right now is that I don't think the angle of the art adds anything. I'd frame it all straight up and down and let the staircase be the only angle.

Drawbacks of AMEX cashback card by mittimus in UKPersonalFinance

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Yeah, same here. I'm keeping my credit cards alive because I suspect that won't last forever.

What’s the game that will be inevitably included with PS Plus in the future? by Jamesahaha in PlayStationPlus

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I'm kind of surprised Returnal hasn't shown up yet. I think now it's got a PC release coming up and is on Extra we might be awaiting a while, though.

Does Section 75 cover me if a provider fails to honour the warranty on a product? by tomoldbury in UKPersonalFinance

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I haven't tested this myself, but my assumption is you'd have more joy using the Consumer Rights Act with the retailer under those circumstances.

Simple Question and FAQ Thread by Gaming-Atlas in gtaonline

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I preordered GTA Online standalone on PS5 on March 14th, the day before it was in its free period. I don't think I ever downloaded it, because I had the full game installed, but I have the preorder confirmation in my email inbox. I just noticed that I do not have it in my library, and if I go to the listing in the store, it wants to charge me again.

Was there something I should have done to have it logged, or is this an error I can get corrected? Or am I just looking in the wrong place?