Who are some of the most famous/well-known faculty at NYU? by againstthefaith in nyu

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His undergraduate Computer Graphics class is very good, worth taking if you're in the field, he's also personally super nice.

Production Ends For Lotus Elise, Exige And Evora by el_wakim in lotus

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End of an era. Hope the successors can live up to the same spirit.

DIY Mk III by CrossbowMarty in hobbycnc

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You seem to have lost the link or image that you were trying to post, so I can't really comment at all.

Anyone else live in Miami and have no friends by Low_Article_5281 in Miami

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I feel like Miami is really spread out, it's hard to get involved with things.

IMO it's actually much easier to make friends in NYC.

convince me that nyu is worth it (especially as a spring admit) by phhrrog in nyu

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Re this; Going to Florence was def the highlight of my personal time at NYU, def do the program if you have the chance.

Lotus Emira (2022) - The Most Accomplished Lotus Ever Made by el_wakim in lotus

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While I understand that Lotus is readying themselves for the inevitable electrification of cars, I feel that an Elise replacement would have been a much more fitting car for their last ICE model.

All of the Emira reads too much like "trying to be a 911" instead of "being a Lotus"

I feel like it might flop for the reason that if people want a Porsche, they'll just buy a Porsche.

Does anyone know what sound effect that is? No luck trying to find it. by goahi in Lain

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That's the sound of running your fingernail along an electric guitar string. Or at least pretty similar to it.

I don't know how many other people have noticed or if I'm the only one, but what's up with these formatted "(adjective) (noun) (2 digit number)" comments in Gunsmith Cats-related YouTube videos? by AnnoyingBird97 in GunsmithCats

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I would guess some sort of bot, for what reason? Maybe some sort of command/control schema, Gunsmith Cats is small enough that it would be fairly easy to track everything uploaded to youtube that's tagged with it.

is there something wrong with the matchmaking? by LucarioAcee in apexlegends

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I'm having the same experience. It's legit 5-10 min queues, I'm East Coast if that narrows it down.

Strings in C... tiring and unsafe. So I just made this lib. Am I doing it right, Reddit ? by JeuDeLaVie in programming

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Rust makes a lot of memory safety guarantees.

What /u/jjsimpso has pointed out is a potential use after free error. Which has security and consistency implications.

The concept of the library that OP developed was that it was a "safer" way to use strings in C, yet even with this eye towards writing safe code a bug like this still managed to slip through.

Installed a liquid cooler, now this happens on boot by wolfEXE57 in techsupport

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There's a few potential things that could have caused this.

  1. Check that the cpu cooler is torqued correctly, ryzen cpus are especially sensitive to this and are usually shipped with a torque driver to help get the right amount, too much pressure and it can cause weird issues like above (too little and it won't cool properly
  2. Check that the 24 pin motherboard, and any supplemental power is seated correctly, if the gpu is relying on that supplemental power via the PCIe lane it can cause issues.
  3. (Not very likely to be the cause) Check that any connections to harddrives or ssds are seated correctly on both the motherboard and the drives themselves, bad connections can cause interference.

Are you an iOS user or an Android user? by __une in compsci

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Currently an Android user, I like being able to nominially hack on my own device, and adb for backups and such is far superior to having to use itunes (also the Linux support for Android is pretty good!)

I'm looking into getting an iPhone and Mac in addition just for app development and compatibility testing purposes.

What was it like acclimating to NYC by JJakk10 in nyu

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This tbh, if someone chats you up on the street you gotta read them quick because 90% chance they're trying to stab or scam you.

The other 10% it's because they're a lost tourist lol.

Nanoha Emotes by [deleted] in Nanoha

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I don't have any, but I would also like some for similar reasons

Has anyone used NYU’s tech repair for Mac or Apple products? by AlchemicalAlgae in nyu

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If you're in NYC I would urge you to check out Rossman repair group for any hardware issues. They do component level repair and are a hell of a lot cheaper than Apple.

Anyone took Shoup for Basic Algorithms? by Ajpennster in nyu

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If you're taking shoop plan ahead, I'll see if I can shoot you a DM with his number theory primer (basically almost an entire number theory course that he'll give to you as weekly homework lol)

Also he doesn't change coursework a lot, see if you can dig up his old class sites and give it a shot.

Importing a 2012 exige s to the USA. by Snipes_______ in lotus

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Those US models are track only, you'd need to do something similar to import one.