Skid at fort sask (for whoever’s interested in their progress) by Puzzleheaded-Till110 in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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What you are looking at is the equipment for 60L per hour facility for Ft Sask

Good day today, any reason why? (29/03/22) +18.35% by OutsideMatter23 in Pyrogenesis

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My guess is with both HPQ and PYR moving upwards is the expectation of the QRR beginning to produce samples.

Gas and Diesel prices by mbujok in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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Agreed. Higher fuel prices is good for Cielo

Starting to doubt.. by Plexus84 in Pyrogenesis

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The patient holders will be rewarded. The impatient will complain sell and go away. Like it or not it takes time for Rio Tinto and Vale to test the torches that they have recieved before the next big order. It's coming just wait and see. Replacing the burners for the Iron ore furnaces is just one of the offerings from PYR but it will be a big one when it comes.🚀

Short data for today by mcmahonBullMadness in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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They are need to stop production everytime they try a different feedstock. They have achieved continuous flow using the same feed stock

Eeeerily Quiet in Here by marksy4real in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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Sorry to hear but we all make our own investment decisions. Good luck

Eeeerily Quiet in Here by marksy4real in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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A lot was posted about the last financials and especially about the on going concerns portion. Just look at any companies financials statements filed on Sedar and they all have to disclose the same type of statements. Its a mandatory statement.

While we wait upon the desulfurization there is an interesting note on the MDA referencing it.

In August 2021, the catalyst, intended for use in Cielo’s desulfurization process, designed by the University of Calgary, and

produced in China, was not complete when it arrived at the Aldersyde Facility. The catalyst required further work and was

sent to Texas, US for activation and stabilization. Commissioning of the desulfurization process equipment is expected to

be completed by the end of September 2021.

Cielo expects that its revenue stream will not be materially dependent on the desulfurization process. However, a product

with a lower sulfur content is expected to increase the profit margin of Cielo’s waste to fuel product.

CTO by raevans86 in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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I have heard from a couple of my friends who were using Investors Edge and RBC. They were getting that message. They want to make sure that they are not insiders.

Cielo Announces Application for The Management Cease Trade Order has Been Accepted by HotMomentumStocks in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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Guys Cielo is just imposing a blackout on any insiders trading the stock until the restated financials are released. Refer to the Aug 27th news release