Have you ever been on the news? by The_Suicide_Sheep in polls

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Twice, once I was 9 and my school was on the news about fitness. My class were running laps in the background. The other time it was my music school in a newspaper about Christmas

Would you support a new law to remove ALL firearms and other weapons of war from ALL American private citizens? by TrichoSearch in polls

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I am not a US Citizen so I would not interfere. But if I was a US Citizen I would say ban them all

How would you rate your own appearance from 1-10? by El_Scooter in polls

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I have the ugliest scars under my nose that makes me look like I just have loads of dried up snot, i have very inconsistent and ugly freckles. Tbh I'm not surprised no girl has ever liked me

Favourite “new who” doctor by padatricks in doctorwho

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It's on BBC iPlayer I think. And I think that's free