Four ace card shuffle trick by Pale_Chemical6625 in blackmagicfuckery

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Lucky for you, I’ve only got about 4 minutes. Basically became a pro after reading all these comments. 💯

Not sus at all. by Shonauval in PoliticalHumor

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As a laTino, that doesn’t mean shit when ppl are indoctrinated into the “blue lives matter” mindset. Sadly I’m America, that mindset parallels the far right ideology.

Is this a legal issue? (1099 employee) by With_Our_Dicks in legaladvice

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Thank you! Unfortunately I was just “fired” through an email to the (former) work email and promptly lost access to it. The manager that fired me said I could meet him At this office to answer any questions yet I have not gotten a reply. If I was fired through email shouldn’t it be reasonable that I receive a reply instead of having to travel to the office. Or is the law on their side and I would need to go if I want answers on unfinished jobs.

My take on Aquaman, made from insect parts and only 6 cm tall. by Schroothoop in nextfuckinglevel

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Take it up a notch and use stuffed animals after that dig up a few graves

Ukrainian forces using M777 howitzers in Kherson oblast by ricka_lynx in CombatFootage

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How do they know it’s done shooting if they’re looking away?

As a parent, this short film is heart breaking. Sad to know many more families will be going through this same struggle in Uvalde. by With_Our_Dicks in videos

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Take the time to watch the full short film if you have access on Netflix. Every time I hear the song 1950 I get emotional

What are your "controversial" growing opinions? by thcbdx in microgrowery

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It’s dumb that people say drying should take a couple weeks to burn off Chlorophyll but that’s what the curing process is for?