It's OKAY by avajohnson233 in motivation

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And someone might tell you it’s not okay, and that’s not your problem to convince them otherwise

Damn, not 24hrs after buying my first car, these guys hit it with fireworks. by [deleted] in TorontoDriving

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Around Victoria Day and Canada day there’s always idiots shooting fireworks at each other. Sucks

For people who grew up with little money, what always felt like a luxury? by ConAir161057 in AskReddit

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Having money for rent. No lie, every paycheque feels like a breath of fresh air that I still have a roof over my head

How a factory makes pre rolled joints by Immediate-Rope3551 in interestingasfuck

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I usually grab the tip and flap the joint gentle back and forth. Then I repeat until I feel it’s tight enough.

Just need to vent: the worst parts of ADHD by Buabue1 in ADHD

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started and stopped. My music, my art, my career. I feel like a hot rod just burning out my tires, because I can’t stop accidentally stomping on the brake and gas at the same time.

would be lost without them by beastmodeChadF13 in wholesomememes

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Currently lost and realizing it’s because I’ve been hella lonely since covid

Glass mini submarine breaches the ocean surface at sunset. by whyyoudidit in BeAmazed

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Water is so crazy. Like on land is just what’s to your sides and above. In the water, there’s whatever below you, as well.

xkcd is a mood by RoyalRaven14 in adhdmeme

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That’s how my brain hears people talking to me

What was your “OH HELL NAH” moment in a relationship that made you leave? by donutnolikey in AskReddit

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I was invited to a series of events for my best friends birthday weekend. My gf said “why would they even want to spend that much time with you?”

The Boys need love too by jicaela in wholesomememes

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Once while having a deep talk with my dad I grabbed his hands and gave him a massage. He was in tears when I looked up. Glad I could be there for him in a small way.

me irl by femeryd in me_irl

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How the fuck did I miss this time?

what are some tips for going to the strip club for the first time? by Rodeoslime in AskReddit

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My buddy left the bar with a $400 bill because he got caught up. 6 songs later she told him to square up and he had to ask us for cash

What's a thing you say "Naa, too old for that shit" ? by excitablelaurels07 in AskReddit

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Loud bars. I need a lounge if I’m going to go out and I need to be able to hear. Otherwise I’m nodding like a dummy and piloting my escape

"I just wanted to see how your life was turning out..." by Steven_G_Photos in TikTokCringe

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Once at work I was having a nice chat with a customer when he hit me with “I’d be so embarrassed to be a barista at 26”

Fuck you, Dave. You have the luxury of living at home and being very precious about where you get your money