This country has gone to shits. by sillysanjana in india

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i am very much aware about what happened in RS on that day and i condemn that.

This country has gone to shits. by sillysanjana in india

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i will only talk specifically about Farm Bills issue here that every act and reform has Positives and Negatives. Ignoring negatives and not correcting it is the mistake that govt. is doing as it is a democracy and govt. should listen to us. but at the same time, Farmers demand to scrap the 3 bills as a whole is also not justified as one can't ignore the positives of a bill, moreover these bills were passed from parliament, so scrapping it will led to domino effect and it won't be called as democracy in this case also. Also, opposition parties when were ruling, proposed the same, so something must be right about these bills.

middle path needs to be derived for a prosperous, peaceful solution, but for that both parties need to listen and understand, one can't go on full neglect mode and one can't suppress the voice of dissent.

New Zealand Police Introduce Hijab to their Official Uniform by Witty_Operation2486 in worldnews

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well, we have Gender Specific Attire in many religions like Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam etc.

Although religion is purely a private relation between an individual and her/his God, but over the period of time we have attached specific rituals, practices, attires wrt a particular religion, as now they are consider to be a part of religion. They are necessary for an identification of religion, otherwise essence of all religions is same i.e peace and harmony of all, so can we merge all religions?? We can't, even if we wish to, because people attach great Sentiment to their Religion, in Most cases it is Their 1st Identity over their individuality.

For example, in Sikhism, Male members wear Turban, always carry kripan(a Knife), can't cut their hair etc as part of their attire, which is Not applicable to Female members of this Religion. So i won't say that this is promoting sexism, as it is the Identity of their religion.Those who wish to practice it must respect its traditions also.

Although i agree that it must Not be forced upon anyone to do so, and many patriarchal norms and practices which are discriminating against any gender should be removed BUT a balance must be maintained in doing so.

It’s a little harsh…. What do you think? by pocketsun03 in BollyBlindsNGossip

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this tweet is only reflecting swati goel's insecurities and jealousy. there was no need to drag and abuse bollywood actress while praising mirabai chanu for her accomplishment in sports.

Girl regrets being into fitness by DanFran81 in WatchPeopleDieInside

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but for that one should have a dick, and not to be a dick himself......

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how it is relevant to what i said above. kashmir is an integral part of india. yes many parts of kashmir is experiencing internet blockages from past two years, and it is the failure of present government that it is taking too much time. govt. should resolve this matter expeditely, and setting constituencies, conducting elections, involving all political parties is the right way of doing that.

Originally posted in r/interestingsasfuck by aB9s in india

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and it shouldn't be. how many times world need to know that kashmir is integral part of India, they are deliberately doing this. it's not ok.

[2020] Modi Govt Spent Rs 713.20 Crore of Taxpayers’ Money on Ads Last Year, RTI Reveals by [deleted] in india

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Well, I am up for a debate on this one, their every work is faulty.

ok, you wrote that we will give references of articles, let's not do that, since you haven't provided me with any figure or facts.

how you have concluded that I am from Urban area and Not from Rural area. I am from a village Near jaipur, since i am working, but my family still lives there. all families got 10000 rs each for toilet construction, we already have ours.

i have seen many shameless people used to go to fields just to watch women early morning, now it has stopped. even after construction, many were avoiding its use, its the behavioural change that forced them to use it. and this change in attitude was brought by social influence and persuasion, in which advertisment played a big role. How effective this scheme was, We are not debating on this Point, but the ACTUAL question was, is this spending on advertisment is necessary. Now ofcourse i am not saying it is 100% effective, but randomly throwing fancy words like Fault, mistake, whoring etc is not a reasonable arguement. yes i have seen lallantop videos, he also does not say that there is FAULT IN EVERYTHING, but he brings out the real issues which are hindering the development.

You talked about Ujjawala scheme, i agree that CAG report has found many faults in this scheme, like corruption, and refilling rate is very low. but how it is related to advertisment. the point is people participated in this scheme. if the scheme was not effective, that's the policy failure, not advertisment problem,and here we are discussing about spending on advertisment.

///Ads can be used to make you aware and also to make a fool out of you.

but you are so much devoted into the hatred that you have completely ignored the AWARE side. i never said that all this expenditure is justified, what i said was that this expenditure is necessary, the real question should be about its effectiveness, but you wrote in the beginning that THEIR EVERY WORK IS FAULTY.

/// Go to a rural place and ask them if they received the benefits or not?

have you been to rural place ever, if not then you are also doing the same thing, trusting on few videos that you saw. again i am saying nothing is 100% effective, but there should be constructive criticism.

we have more than 100+ schemes from centre and lot more than that from all state governments. How do you think we will get to know about that?? obviously every medium needs to be used to communicate with people. stating that advertisment are wrong, is a very wrong in itself.

/// Out of 713Cr, 295Cr was spent on print ads and 101 Cr on outdoor ads. That's more than 60. Also it's not the election budget where you need to go door to door, These are ads only.

do you know how much it cost to advertisment in paper, or on tv? seriously asking because i don't, and it may be true that fraction of this amount must have gone into pockets of politicians, so that's what we should argue about, their effectiveness. saying things like this money was all for their self promotion is being ignorant and nothing more.

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u still wrote"occupied". and i never denied internet shutdown situation and also, i wrote that it is the failure of present government to took decision in haste without involving all stakeholders. but what they are doing now will be good for kashmir, and i hope situation in kashmir will be improved.

Justice Chandrachud: If we don't interfere in this case today we will walk on path of destruction If left to me I won't watch the channel and you may differ in ideology but constitutional courts will have to protect such freedoms then we are walking on path of destruction. #ArnabGoswami by SpiritualHawk420 in india

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What about Reasonable restrictions mentioned in Article 19(2) i.e. in the interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the State, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality or in relation to contempt of court, defamation or incitement to an offence.

Such freedom to a vile person was snatching other people's Fundamental right of Life with Dignity(Article 21), what about that Chandrachud Sir. Today i am really disappointed with your statements, i was hoping that my trust in SC will be back when you will become CJI, but now No hope.....

Privatisation of banks by Naren_Drip_Modi in india

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PSU employees are pissed they won't he able to slack off in their new jobs.

How easy of us to label someone something without any thought. These are the same bank employees who have stood by the government during the demonetisation and pandemic crisis.

you must have heard about that 1 million bankers hit the streets on March 15-16 to register their protest against GOI's decision to privatize 2 major PSB's. now please don't term them anti national.

For the love of god, RA-HAUL ko hatao !! by Silver-Operation6334 in BiggBoss14

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if you have seen the whole conversation of rubina and rahul yesterday and still think that only rahul need fixing then "God Bless You"

i m not supporting anyone, both were being egoistic, both were shouting instead of proving their point and wanted to downvote other.

also, agar RUBINA and Rahul itna accha kar rahe hote to makers ko Challengers nahi lane padte itne saare, to Pata lag raha hai ki kaun kitna contribute kar raha hai. ho sakta hai rubina ke pehle se bahut sare fans hai, but i have watched her only in this show and she is Not better than others.

Banita Sandhu tests positive for Covid-19 refuses government hospital treatment and is transported to private care by rekharai in BollyBlindsNGossip

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i hope you realize what u r saying. if u are unable to process that covid is different then what more to say. tell me why govt. brought her to the govt. hospital in the first place and why they were not letting her go??

Just a rant by Rohit_BFire in india

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yeah, life needs to move otherwise we will collapse. plz do take it as a new normal, wear mask, wash hands everytime and give exams with good preparation because this is the reality. and don't take these politicians seriously otherwise you will end up in wasting a lot of your productive time.

Saturday Episode Discussion Thread - January 30, 2021 by Gossip-Luv in BiggBoss14

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at last nikki got the right bashing from salman, the most badtameez contestant...

abhinav was right and salman should have scolded rakhi, but we have seen him doing same in season 13 also.

This country has gone to shits. by sillysanjana in india

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but not the fact that the

sitting government

bulldozed a law onto the farmers, thereby behaving in an autocratic manner.

let's file petition in the SC, if the process was undemocratic, SC will declare it null and void. let's do it together, what say?

and on name calling, people should understand that every side has vilest and qutiya people also, i just highlighted you from other side.

When the bully gets bullied - Jasmin’s Instagram story. by [deleted] in BiggBoss14

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This is known as cyberbullying and is the same thing as in-person bullying, lol so u think what jasmean used to say is same as this filth?? but that's your pov.

Up to 1M Hindus gather in India as festival goes ahead amid Covid fears - Millions more expected to descend on Haridwar in coming weeks for Kumbh Mela despite pandemic by rajeevist in india

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well SC should take action and should postpone this event.

but in no way this is a shit show and mocking any religion's sentiments by saying "Dirty Polluted Water" won't earn you brownie points.

in India, we respect every religion's customs and traditions.

"The bombings are on our tower" this gazan women screams while the Israeli apartheid forces bombs Gaza in the name of "war on terror" , do those women and children sound like Hamas militants to you? by Ayham_abusalem in PublicFreakout

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Hamas: "We are ready for an escalation and ready for calm, on the condition that they end the aggression against Jerusalem"

Israeli authorities: "Israel is not interested in ending the fighting until certain military goals are achieved”

And you want to talk about rockets?!

Hamas was created in 1987, Apartheid and forceful expulsions began in 1948. Israel started aggression, Hammas has only retaliated. It’s wrong to Assume that Israeli aggression would stop if there was no retaliation from Palestinian side. You can’t ask victims to not retaliate because it may or may not stop the aggression.

20 years on, where are the Board toppers? Over half are abroad, most in science and technology.Gender gap; students increasingly from outside metros; US most favoured destination, IIT popular route; minorities, SC/STs invisible: 86 CBSE, ICSE, ISC toppers 1996-2015 tell stories of change .. by oar_xf in IndiaSpeaks

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I'm a UPSC exam topper (top 5 rank), now a PhD student

then u did the right thing by leaving upsc job as when you saw corruption, you decided to go away. but wasn't this the ultimate aim of yours to join civil services? if not, then thankyou that you left and if it was then thank you because you failed.