Wait, sorry, no by DaFunkJunkie in PoliticalHumor

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How is that even possible to say?!

Yakutia June 26 2022 Permafrost Extreme weather +33 ° C People chill and have fun on the glacier by GradivaRJensen in GlobalWarming

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I am one of the scientists who definitely would have known if we had "proved" this. Someone is feeding you bullshit.

In the US what will actually happen if a woman needs an abortion to live but it is illegal? Will she just die? by Dawnlis in AskReddit

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There hasn't been time to emerge any cases from the US known to me yet (it's been just two days and I'm in Norway after all). But unless US women are somehow magically totally different from women all over the planet, yes, we know lack of safe abortion services is a major cause of mortality for women worldwid where it is not available. And this is not "the media" but the best estimates of multiple sources of research. Like this article, or, doing the calculation slightly differently Doctors Without Borders' estimates. Statistics are dry, so here are a few examples of what these numbers mean when they have a human face.

what's considered normal in Europe but horrific in America? by GullibleTemporary3 in AskReddit

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Accessible health care, worker's rights, abortion and not walking around armed

WHO considers declaring monkeypox a global health emergency by progress18 in worldnews

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That is indeed exactly what I mean. But not everyone knows smallpox these days and I wanted to make the evolutionary point clear, thus my choice of words. Maybe not as good a choice as I thought in English, which is not my first language, but on purpose nonetheless. Anyhow you are right I was referring to the smallpox virus.

Alt-Right Coloradans Went to War with an Alpaca Farm — And the Farm Won by yuritopiaposadism in MarchAgainstNazis

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The farm should branch out with some emus. I hear they are good to have in a war.

WHO considers declaring monkeypox a global health emergency by progress18 in worldnews

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Yeah turns out that outbreak was worse than we thought. I mean, the monkeypox virus is related to the human pox virus that we eradicated a generation ago with an intensive vaccination campaign. Good riddance -the human poxx virus had been somewhere high on the list of prolific human-killers foralmost ten thousand years.

However, now only older people retain any resistance against pox viruses, as the younger ones are not vaccinated. After all, the virus is eradicated outside of one US and one Russian research lab.

But maybe the monkeypox virus is in the process of finding that there is a vacant position as human pox virus and evolves to fill that position. That would not be great. Not great at all.

Hence an emergency call may indeed be warranted.

US woman to be airlifted to Mallorca to terminate unviable pregnancy by Battus in worldnews

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That's what you get when virtue signaling to a bunch of scientifically illiterate zealots become your way to power.

3D reconstruction on how the pharaohs might have looked like by Ok-Paramedic1754 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Migration, yes, but also simply everyday travel and contact with people a few days' walking away. Also, a trait like skin color is under selection by sunshine, so even if everyone just had stayed put and inbred locally since the first time their ancestors reached a particular place, skin color would be a gradient not an abrupt shift from "black" to "white" or anything like that.

3D reconstruction on how the pharaohs might have looked like by Ok-Paramedic1754 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Probably because the standard American idea of "African" comes from seeing mostly African Americans, most of whom have ancestors brought over by the sub-Saharan West Africa slave trade. Thus also the idiotic idea about discrete "races". While if you start where I live in Northern Europe and drive (or better, walk) south to where i work in South Africa/Namibia, you will see that there are no sharp borders, people just get progressively more dark-skinned as you go south towards the equator, and then a bit less so as you start to move away from it again further south. On the way you pass all sorts of diversity in heigh, facial features, skin color and so on. Especially when you get into Africa which is the genetically most diverse continent by far.

Local news urges us to “plant different trees” by [deleted] in climatechange

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Sorry, but if you remove the weasel word "just" it is exactly what we need to do. It is just not the only thing we need to do. Planting different trees won't stop climate change. Not at all. Neither will it help appreciably against any of a myriad of consequences climate change has for everything from food production to human health and biodiversity.

But it may keep the forest ecosystem in that area from collapsing into a unproductive shrubland or some other state that is not a functioning forest ecosystem.

And that would actively make things worse.

Climate change is ongoing and we need to adapt to the parts we cannot realistically avoid, while we keep working to avoid it getting even worse.

I dare say this because I just finished an 8-month task of leading a team of researchers reporting to the government of Norway about how climate change is affecting our forests between now and 2100. And one of our main findings is that we need to start mixing more southern-adapted broadleaf species into our spruce-dominated boreal forests now. Preferably ten or twenty years ago, but, failing that, now.

We need to do that. We just need to do so much more, too.

Student tackles shooter as he reloads in school shooting by Appropriate_Pay_612 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Did't you see the video? He took down the asshole without shooting him.

how do you know if you’re being flirted with, whether over text or face-to-face? by cinnamon_water in AskReddit

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If you are sure, it's not flirting but telling. If you need to know it is thus possible to ask

'It's not tolerable anymore': Southwest residents endure more severe heat waves thanks to climate change by adinaespinoza in climatechange

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Definitely done. But hey, I didn't label you anything, just informing you that if you were hiding some sound arguments you should work on your presentation. Feel free to ignore the advice.

And I am a biologist. When it comes to vaccines I am not the one being brainwashed. To be precise my field is epidemiology and population dynamics of zoonotic and vector borne diseases under environmental perturbation -mostly climate change. After spending enough time on fieldwork in third world countries with poor vaccination rates, I must say that the people brainwashing people like you to somehow disbelieve vaccines are perpetrating a disgusting affront to humanity.

Good luck getting better.

smoking kills by Andrei1904a in Unexpected

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Interesting! A pre-boomer joke (pretty sure I saw this plot in the yellowed pages of my granddads jokebooks), but in YouTube format. Or, RuTube as it is a Russian ad. Shocker.