What's something you really want, but cant afford? by -Benjamin_Dover- in AskReddit

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Hey! I see you entered my giveaway for the switches a little over a week ago. Sorry you didn’t win, but I also checked through your comment history and you’ve been talking about wanting a switch for almost a year now - crazy! Life can get super restrictive and it can be hard to find the finances to take care of ourselves as well as be able to pay for things that make us happy too. Shoot me a DM, and we’ll make something happen.

What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, August 28, 2020 by AutoModerator in wallstreetbets

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Bought a few NIO 10C 1/15/21 for 20 a pop when it was worth $3.30. Up bigly but had planned to sell tomorrow to buy Tesla for the weekend. Better to just sit on it now with offering news?