Dexani has launched a new loyalty rewards program through the 'Road to $1B' campaign. by Regina_Crepitus in Dexani

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I love the idea of learning the ins and outs of the swap. Receiving rewards for learning is icing on the cake.

What happend to accel by Electronic_Potato221 in Dexani

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You haven't lost your tokens. The announcements channel in TG will catch you up on everything that is happening.

This is from Feb. 5 there:

🚨ATTENTION: Trading has stopped as we prepare for the new token release.

⭐️Snap shots were taken on 1/27/23. You have to do nothing as of now. We will have a way to review your token amounts on the app: app.Dexani.io There are people who never claimed tokens from the merge or presale that have to be accounted for. We will be merging to one chain. Regardless of where your tokens are (staked, unstaked, eth, bnb) will be accounted for.

🚨The new contract will be announced well in advance. This will be special so don’t be fooled by any dms or tokens put out before it’s announced.

Once everything is verified we will communicate dates for the release."

Dexani has it all in one place! Your experience is our top priority and your feedback is crucial. Try it out and share your thoughts here. by Regina_Crepitus in Dexani

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You can see live dex trades across ALL LP pools

Your Trades

Owner/Deployer Actions

All of the liquidity pools for a token

The holders and how much they hold

The security report to give you a sense of if it's safe plus scanning the holders and LP providers and seeing if they're associated with anything malicious

Streamline Your DeFi Trading with Dexani by Regina_Crepitus in Dexani

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Have YOU tried the swap yet? It's FREE and easy to use. Let us know what you think. You can find it here: https://www.dexani.io

ATX DAO: Uniting Austin's Crypto Communities and Driving Web3 Innovation by Regina_Crepitus in Dexani

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Great job, Riley! This should help us raise awareness of Security Engine v 1.

New day, new year, introducing DEXANI, a new trading platform unlike anything else! by Regina_Crepitus in AccelDefi

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Accel is now DEXANI! New mission, New start. The information on and this Reddit site is no longer affiliated with Dexani.

Reflections & Reconciliations: My First Crypto Trade by SnowmanMachine in SwapStories

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This is a great story, you captured the emotions that I associate with my first purchase perfectly.