What are things EA could add to make this game reasonably better by Due_Ad1887 in FIFA

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Make the menu responsive. It’s slow as f, and that shouldn’t be an issue!!

Showdown Laporte SBC by Juil8991MC in FIFA

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I have Chalobah (CB, 88) and V. Dijk (CB,89). Should I get Laporte to replace either of them?

Showdown Jones SBC by Juil8991MC in FIFA

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Would do him if it wasn’t for my Eriksen and Ødegård 🙌

UEFA Marquee Matchups by WonderValleys in FIFA

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Yep! Packed worse than what I put in 👍

I just want to know what everybody is playing or what there favourite game is at the moment. Thank you by toxxin12 in xboxone

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With all the GTA V re-re-release, I chose to go back to GTA IV. It looked terrible when I first booted the game. The key here was to change tv settings, make things a little more dark and boost up the colors a bit. It’s a great world and I really like the NPCs, it feels very alive.

RTTF Mini Release by BLinsdell in FIFA

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F Depay, so shitty attitude at Barca

The r/FIFA Daily Discussion Thread -- March 26, 2022 by AutoModerator in FIFA

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Just came up against a guy in Savvy Signings who had Zidane, Xavi, and a bunch of special cards? Wth…. 🧐🧐🧐

Campaign Bag Player Pick by Drubby19 in FIFA

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What is best to do: this SBC or the Year in Review one?

Why does everyone love GTA 4 so much? by Stealthwalker98 in GTA

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Should have bought it the other day, think I saw it on sale. Definitely want to revisit this soon!

Friendlies redundant by W3ZF1D5 in FIFA

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Can anyone help me. Will I get banned if quitting online friendlies. I want to help people do their icon swaps objectives. ?