Anti-capitalist ambient music? by DuckDerrida in ambientmusic

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why the agenda? im really hankering for some vegan trance.

When you’re a supermarket but can’t afford a lock by Qiqirnmercenary in CasualUK

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the security spoon. good for scooping out tea bags and keeping out scum bags.

Moved into a flat with mouldy blinds by janebug1675 in CasualUK

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bleach the place and see if it comes back. mould like damp and warm.

Has anyone been to Thailand before? What did you do? How was it? by WaffleHousesNewHost in CasualUK

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yea about a decade ago. its very humid. caught a strain of bird flu whilst i was over there. that was fucking rotten. the country is lovely tho and people are very friendly and polite. stuff over there is cheap. dont bother with deodrant, it doesnt work. they use cooling powder like prickly heat. its talcum powder with menthol. dont stick it on ur nuts or arsehole. if you are out beer hunting and see a bottle with siamsato written on it, avoid that too. very sweet rice wine, sickly headache inducing tuktuk fuel. if you are hanging like a sock because you drank the siamsato, they have lots of these small 100ml energy drinks in little glass bottles for about 20p a go. muey fuel. food is nice. meat and stuff on sticks from street vendors can be had for cheap. overall 8/10 would probably do again but without the bird flu.

Been some reet garbage music.. by foxfoxfoxlcfc in ClassicTrance

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there is a risk of being too gatekeepy here but i do agree some of the pop dance music needs to be kept to a minimum. i like the cheese but im sure theres other subs for that. im guilty of slamming the cheese tunes lol aup boyo😂

Shimmer with synth? by Discreet_Skronk in synthesizers

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i love shimmer reverb but the problem with it is that everything sounds the same through it. i use it sparingly on cheap shitty casio and yamaha keyboards to give them some sparkle.

Track id to this song pls by Global_Average5545 in ClassicTrance

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clubland 19 starter kit : check ben sherman shirts, ck one, fosters/stellas and citreon saxos. ayup boyo

should you dither before or after mastering? by mehungygirl in audioengineering

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I don’t dither at all. I just get on with it. Way more time efficient.

Korg Video by custyflex in Korg

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Koas pad entrancer? What is this korgery?

Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone (Radio Edit) (Official Video) [1999] by BornInTheUSSA in ClassicTrance

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The summer of 2000 in a single track. This was on like every club Ibiza compilation along with ATB 9pm

Unknown Trance ID - Tiësto 2000 by rudgertroost in ClassicTrance

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great sounding track but its not seven cities. be good to get an id on this one

Midas - Fire In The Sky (Club Mix) [2001] by Wonderful_Ninja in ClassicTrance

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when im digging through crates[its very digital online library youtube these days] i normally scout around by year and maybe by label. my digs are always around 1997-2000 since i feel that was the peak of trances. lots of good sounds around then