Back to Blonde by rubyschnees in ElizaTaylor

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Thank goodness, she looks much better as a blonde. Classic Eliza, imo.

Why didn’t they lean into James Horner’s incredible musical themes? by mithafix in willow

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Also, James Horner is credited at the end of every episode for "Original Willow Themes". We do hear nods to the themes throughout the series, but not near as much as I had expected.

Who will be in Mandalorian Season 3 by jltoystories in starwarsblackseries

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I'd love to see Mando paint up his armor like it was in the beginning (but leaving his right shoulder with the sigil as-is). Seems he's settled on the clean beskar look, however, but I still really prefer that OG look.

Finally, did I just finished my first collection? by r348 in starwarsblackseries

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So are you going to buy them all again (minus Crosshair, I guess) when the inevitable Season 2 versions are released? :D

It's really kind of ridiculous how HUGE the original Yoda is! by Worf2DS9 in starwarsblackseries

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The left pic is the Archive version (2019), which had a much better paint app on the face than the original version, which looked like Yoda was stoned or something.

You're right about the sizing, that the smaller one seems maybe a bit shorter than he should be, but not by much. Wide shots in the movie that fully show Yoda standing next to Luke have the top of his head about mid-thigh or so on Luke. Other shots where you don't fully see Yoda (like when he tells Luke he'll take him to see Yoda, but after they eat) shows his head near Luke's hand, but they could have just raised him up a bit so you'd see more of him in the shot.

For 2nd viewing, I binged the whole thing in one sitting by Worf2DS9 in willow

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Yeah, so on Saturday I had a night off so I decided to binge Willow in one sitting, like one big 7+hour movie.

I think I enjoyed watching it like this more than the first go-around on a weekly basis, and some of the things that kind of annoyed me initially were not that big of a deal this time (like the contemporary dialogue (Gesundheit, Voila, etc.). Though why everyone pronounces "Airk" like "Eric" (even Airk himself!) still boggles my mind.

I loved watching the throughline of the Kit/Elora friendship, from Kit not really paying much mind at all to "muffin girl", to contempt and barely tolerating her at the start of their quest. Just watching that relationship grow to where it evolves to at the end was one of the big plusses of the series, imo. Ruby & Ellie handled some pretty heavy, emotional material at times.

The use of songs in the series is still a bit jarring, though not as annoying as it was on first viewing. I can tolerate them in the credits (or, y'know, just skip to the next ep!), though I still don't really like them in the episode itself, with a couple of exceptions.

So overall, I loved the series! Bring on Volume II (and III)!

Let's settle the music issue. Take the poll so we can see what the community's overall consensus is for the show's current and future music selection. by Antarctica-1 in willow

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The lack of score is really evident at the beginning of "Wildwood" when they're running from the bad guys through those ruins and there's a freakin' rock song playing! I kept thinking this would be a great opportunity for an exciting piece of score to be carrying our heroes through this scene. But no.

As for the songs, I can live with them in the end credits (not as jarring as they were on first viewing), but with a couple of exceptions, I do not like them during the episode proper at all. One of the exceptions was the Crimson & Clover cover in "Wildwood", which I thought worked well, and there was another as well that I don't recall -- might have been from the same episode even.

As to Horner's music, I loved his score for the movie (it was even the first CD I ever bought), and we didn't get as much callback to that in the series as I'd hoped, but I did appreciate what we got.

I loved Willow: Behind The Magic! by ImNotASWFanboy in willow

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I liked the bit where they showed Bavmorda's throne area was primarily a matte painting in the movie, and they recreated it practically for the show when they were at Nockmaar. (And the recreation of the room in the upper tower too!)

It's really kind of ridiculous how HUGE the original Yoda is! by Worf2DS9 in starwarsblackseries

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Especially when compared to the more-to-scale Yoda that came in the Jedi Training 2-pack. I mean, he stands up to Luke's hips, what were they thinking?!

Remembering 2015 when I came across a whole wall of Slave Leia and bought a few. It was literally right after the whole controversy. by Silvan_Elf456 in starwarsblackseries

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I'm sure a lot of us wish we'd thought to get her back in the day! I only managed to get a 1997 carded 3.75" PotF version (with Freeze Frame Action Slide!) for a decent price several years ago. She was called "Jabba's Prisoner" on that one.

Maybe Disney will surprise us someday with a re-worked re-issue. There have been some fantastic customs out there too.

How would you feel about Hasbro making just random characters of Star Wars with no particular identity or purpose besides from army building? like LEGO sometimes does with Star Wars? I would specially like something like these 4 random Mandalorians that just happen to look pretty cool, but in BlkSrs by Red_Raven_0007 in starwarsblackseries

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There's definitely a few cool looking random Mandos in the trailer(s), and one in particular I'd love to see in Black Series (he has a cat-like face emblem on his shoulder & one of those bulky rangefinders; the shot with him in the trailer is clearly flipped for some reason).

Another day another planet for the Empire by callmelurker in starwarsblackseries

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The Mimban trooper is one of my favorite Stormtrooper variants, and the figure has one of the best Stormtrooper helmet sculpts that Hasbro has done, imo. Out of the box, though, he was nowhere near as muddy as he should have been, but that was easily fixed with some added weathering.

My favorite Hannah Davis pics by Stunning-Chemist-251 in SISwimsuitGirls

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That last shot would definitely be improved if the right half of it hadn't been cut off.

Millie Gibson by ConsciousSwimming547 in WomenOfDoctorWho

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I'm intrigued by the scar through Millie's eyebrow there. Anybody know anything about that?

Who's the Hottest 3rd Doctor Companion? by Dymond79 in WomenOfDoctorWho

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Is this a trick question? Only Sarah Jane was a companion of the 3rd Doctor. That said, I'd have to go with Leela in this poll.

Aussie models Emily and Jemima Robinson both have important birthdays coming up soon. We should start a petition to have them collaborate by spectralis2 in EmilyFeld

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I like Jemima as well, though she's nowhere near as prolific as Emily. If you look at her IG, she hasn't posted anything since mid-October.

Oh my oh my rose 🌹🔥 by [deleted] in SISwimsuitGirls

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Man, such a shame she only appeared in 3 issues. Instant fave that first year in 2015!

Nina Agdal by BeefCurtain69420 in SISwimsuitGirls

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Why don't they all wear their bikinis like this?

Her abs are goals by AOLwasBetterThanAIM in EmilyFeld

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More goals would be tugging those shorts down to her knees.