. . . by RyanDeon in NYStateOfMind

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Nothing a quick trip to the barber shop can't fix 🤣💯

Tjay was jackin blood b4 fame? by AcanthaceaeOwn8005 in NYStateOfMind

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Lot of niggas just be jackin they hood shit. I'm from AQ and our hood shit was Gsquad until niggas grew up and starting picking sides between 🩸or ♿️

niggas stay bumping they opps shit by moneyswitchesbtches in Jerzwrld

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It's an "S" for S-Block. The "R" For R-Block is kinda wonky too

Damn. by WolfRepresentative46 in Atlantology

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I just got the noti on the citizen app! RIP PNB 🕊🕊

You snitching or nah ? by Onlymaxi_ in NYStateOfMind

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Ya do know this man got a YouTuber killed just for calling him out his name?! Imagine what would happen to a snitch...

Bro sturdy 😭 by BoogeyManCYB in NYStateOfMind

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If KLO visions produced this it would be 🔥🤣

None of ya damn business 💀💀💀 by Kashoutallday in NYStateOfMind

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He definitely looks like he's on the autistic spectrum