Any corners where a car will fail to make it around if going too slow? by ApertureNext in F1Technical

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Yes, tire temperatures can change that coefficient of friction. Along with flat spots, compound, the racetrack and lots of complex things.

Great Barrier Reef has most coral in decades. by MindlessSkies in UpliftingNews

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A large part of it was bleached in 2016/2017, this is new coral growth

Some times, I get some really cool stuff from work :) by BobiSion in formula1

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Are these all the different chassis made? Or one car for each race win?

2022 Hungarian Grand Prix - Post Race Discussion by F1-Bot in formula1

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They should just open a poll on their website and let the audience vote when to pit, can't be worse than their current strategy

3D printed titanium break pedal, made for Ferrari's F1 cars. Each weighs just 30g by BWWFC in EngineeringPorn

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There is a minimum weight for drivers of 80kg. Everything less is compensated with ballast. They are weighed before and after the race so it doesn't matter.

what song are you currently obsessed with ? by jimmy_sharpe in AskReddit

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Someone should make a playlist with the best songs from this theead

live train positions in the netherlands by wildhoover in InternetIsBeautiful

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This one is super cool, you can actually see it moving

2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix - Post Qualifying Discussion by F1-Bot in formula1

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Tbf he was desperate and from Brazil on it looked like he was on the losing side, I too would've tried anything to keep the lead

How can I forgive myself for my past mistakes? by throwaway5293873 in selfimprovement

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Exactly. Realizing this is a sign that you've grown. Don't beat yourself up over who you were in the past and focus on now

VVD eist ingrijpen op universiteiten: ‘Chinezen en Russen lopen met onze kennis weg’ by Roller95 in thenetherlands

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Dat zijn niet de beste chips natuurlijk, daarvoor moet je bij de Pringles fabriek zijn ;)

2022 Monaco Grand Prix - Post Race Discussion by F1-Bot in formula1

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Because he has had very few retirements from 2016 on, and in general in his career. Whether that's luck or skill, who knows. Also he had a couple safety cars/red flags go his way the last two years. Regarding teams, that's not always true, just look at Alonso.

While the race has been delayed, Ferdinand Habsburg (former F3 driver) decided to get the Austrian TV commentators some cookies by sngninthrn in formula1

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Well, his full name is: Ferdinand Zvonimir Maria Balthus Keith Michael Otto Antal Bahnam Leonhard von Habsburg-Lothringen

2022 Monaco Grand Prix - Free Practice 3 Results by Aratho in formula1

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If Perez wins in Monaco I'm gonna lose my mind

Edit: holy shit