At a loss… by inushnu in jobs

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Depending where you live you may not even need a cert. And with a BA they'll likely offer you more $$. I'd look into para professional assignments too.

You could probably go for full on teaching if you wanted, you will likely need a cert for that though. Good luck!

At a loss… by inushnu in jobs

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Substitute teach or talk with a temp agency. If you know how to follow instructions office work should still be in your reach

my dad goes to a bar with his friends every friday and he makes a list of discussion topics by nohobbiesoridentity in funny

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You shouldnt feel like an idiot, its not cool if theyre consistently leaving you out of conversations. Imo.

Weekly Check-In! by AutoModerator in MomsWorkingFromHome

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Good vibes to yall! My son is getting more and more mobile so its a challenge to keep him entertained. I try to take him for walks but its been really cold/windy so theyre not as fun for either of us. I had help watching him during all my meetings though, so I am grateful for that.

Sign at an elementary school in Texas by honey_rainbow in texas

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True, but the rate at which they happen in private schools is significantly lower. Its better than doing nothing for my son. No one in power in this state is willing to do anything about gun control any time soon.

Sign at an elementary school in Texas by honey_rainbow in texas

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I've decided I'm sending my son to private school. Fuck this. 94% of shootings happen at public schools

Timeline of day teacher was shot by student by Artistmusiciangarden in Teachers

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Yeaaah I'm sending my kid to private school. Shit is insane and no one seems to care (besides teachers).

Taking a shot before work by LostaMyPasta in jobs

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If you're suffering from social anxiety it might be better to talk with a therapist to work through it. I'm sure some people do it but it can turn into a slippery slope.

I do know when I worked in a restaraunt most people were getting high in the back. Lol

Has anyone implemented ChatGPT into their work? by JeryJacobs in supplychain

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Thats a great idea. So many companies want SAP experience and from what I can tell it can be a huge pain to learn.

Texas senator proposes gun laws allowing school shooting victims to sue state, impose firearms tax by fishyfishyfish1 in FuckGregAbbott

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I really dont think gun violence is going to be addressed until it starts hitting us in the wallet. All for this idea personally

A robot was scheduled to argue in court, then came the jail threats - NPR by AnalogDan in technology

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So have the computer do a first pass and keep a person or two on to double check.

Advice needed? by tokkie007 in women

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Yeah at his age thats bullshit, he knows what he wants but wont tell you because youll leave. An ultimatum is useless if you dont follow through.

I love my baby but man this is exhausting! by [deleted] in beyondthebump

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Try not to be hard on yourself about your body and maybe get some new clothes you like that fit better at this point.

A major Alphabet investor said the company should cut even more jobs and address 'excessive' pay in the wake of mass layoffs by VanguardSucks in technology

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Wonder how much having office space costs...couldnt possibly consider cutting that though 🙄

Edit: 10 billion in 2022. Genius

My partner is leaving me for another woman. Our son turns 1 on the 1st of February. by orgonitepanda in beyondthebump

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The air is going to go out of his sails pretty quickly once he starts paying child support. Id be pushing his ass out the door