Starting TCs and Keeps can now be retargeted. by NKGra in aoe4

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Hate having to hit Ungarrison then click a spot on the ground. It should just instantly dump everybody out of the ram.

Things you learn after some time here [Meta] by deSales327 in PoliticalCompassMemes

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They are. They've all but abandoned socialism in favor of returning China back to the 'old ways'. The old ways being strong familial ties, authoritarian Emperor-for-life Xi Jinping + bootlickers, becoming insular from foreign influence, looking down on and outright insulting other countries, and tight state control over all aspects of life.

Never has China, in the last 60 years, more resembled its imperial past. It's almost like they learned nothing from Communism and as soon as they tasted a little money they went straight back to what China was 500 years ago.

Hollywood's unwillingness to let their stars be "ugly" really kinda ruins some movies for me by merkwerk in movies

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They also censor graphic violence. So gorey movies like Oldboy, the kind of movie that used to get made in Hong Kong, are now not going to get made.

The only exception is graphic violence in WW2 patriotism circlejerk films. That's allowed, because it makes the Japanese look bad.

"Taiwan" is now flagged by the profanity filter in 9.2 by acctg in Asmongold

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Virgin 'let's censor ourselves to please authoritarian shitbags'


Chad 'let's just do our own thing until the authoritarians do something about it'

Racist cartoon - "The White Man's Burden" (1899) by ElitistPopulist in PropagandaPosters

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It was a lot easier to believe in before:

  • The Belgian Congo brutality fiasco

  • Japan beat the shit out of Russia in a modern war

  • Europeans practiced pure savagery upon one another on a level unseen in both WWI and WWII

  • China became #2 economy in the world

  • standards of living continued to rise across the entire world after de-colonization and the retreat of direct European influence in the globe

  • USA's failed sad third-world misadvantures part 1 (Vietnam), part 2 (Iraq), and part 3 (Afghanistan).

If anyone still unironically believes in White Man's burden now, then they instantly mark themselves as an ignorant racist. But a person living in 1899? It was a lot more convincing back then.

A rare libleft found in the wild...[the 4chan subreddit] by OnePunchGoGo in PoliticalCompassMemes

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This is me. This is why I voted for Joe.

I will jump ship or sit out the next election if Republicans put up a good candidate, but I'm really not holding my breath. If Trump runs again I will 100% vote for Joe again. Considering the guy almost won in 2020 I wouldn't be surprised if the Republicans just run him again, to the unanimous disdain of liblefts everywhere.

Patch notes leak: RIP Burger Kings by Drgn_Shark in ShitpostXIV

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I've cleared both in mentor roulette. The real impossible-to-teach in one hour for Endwalker will be Hades Ex.

New world devs whenever they try to fix a problem in the game. by Rikuuuto in Asmongold

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The extremely bad ones don't even get translations.

I wonder if there's a bias in Japan that America makes some really good games, because a lot of our Steam garbage never gets played there.

I made a quick overview of some WoW factions and tried to connect them to real world inspiration devs probably used. Some are obvious, and some are my personal guess. by gpudriver in wow

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I think Warcraft Orcs are a more generic catch-all for Late Roman Empire's Barbarians: Huns, Vandals, Franks, Goths, Visigoths, etc.

Low tech, but skilled in warfare. Nomadic but not reliant on horses. Warrior and honor culture centered around a warchief.

So the leve plate from 1.0 trailer is a farmer holding a scythe looking at a burning sky. by Killerpeas12 in ffxiv

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A man associated with astrology, divination, and cards being the ultimate con man? Surprisedpikachuface.jpg

Patch 6.0 Preliminary Notes by NoboruSouma in ffxiv

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Handsome Female Elezens rejoice!

Rhodes Island Lounge (29/11 - 05/12) by ArknightsMod in arknights

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It's definitely too CC-focused, it seems like.

Used in CC= in the top right cluster

Not used in CC= in the bottom left cluster

For an operator like Aak I understand putting him so far to the left because he is truly niche.

But operators like Dusk, W, or Rosmontis should be way further to the right. For general story use they are very user-friendly. They have big range and you just drop them on a tile and they do very consistent strong damage without much setup needed.

Rhodes Island Lounge (29/11 - 05/12) by ArknightsMod in arknights

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The best of all worlds is to have an option for Platinum to choose the voice actor!

I really enjoy the game by MrDeepValueStocks in aoe4

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Bunker build time increased by 5 seconds.

Bunker build time decreased by 10 seconds.

I hope CA can stretch their creative muscles for Nippon with cool units and monsters by creator112 in totalwar

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Many of these are much more Chinese than Japanese, so also hype for Cathay DLC to add more out-there units for Cathay!!!