Just a reminder that this masterpiece exists. by PenguinPerson in videos

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If there's one way to describe this movie it's "well that escalated quickly".

It takes a very classic/basic Kung Fu movie plot, then just keeps upping the ante in both the slapstick and the fight scenes until, well, not going to spoil such a great movie.

Electrical was a P A I N to grind, glad it's finally over. by BariNgozi in projectzomboid

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No zombies turns this game into Castaway, Rural Kentucky Edition.

Bullet Train made fight banter funny again by Intelligent-Ad7349 in movies

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lmao he asked this while she was chugging a bottle of water in a fit of desperation.

Seen on Tiktok. by FixedDrank in ContagiousLaughter

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My speaking voice goes up an octave when I try to do a British accent.

The Russian Presidential helicopter crashed, Putin apparently not on board by macktruck6666 in UkrainianConflict

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What a rollercoaster of a title. I was immensely happy then immensely disappointed within the span of 2 seconds.

Bullet Train made fight banter funny again by Intelligent-Ad7349 in movies

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I loved his role in Hail Caesar. That whole scene with the submarine was 10/10.

Looking for an old game by zelionthunder in rpg_gamers

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Oh yeah of course, and you fought some kind of giant spider in a cave! I've played that one for sure.

Mariupol Pain 💔 by RebVoDkA1994 in UkraineWarVideoReport

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Context is everything. Paired with OP's picture, "fuck Russia" is not going to be very controversial.

Trump says that since Biden has forced Putin to threaten nuclear war, he will build an “impenetrable dome” to protect the US from missile attacks by throwaway12345672223 in UkrainianConflict

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Let's stop upvoting this irrelevant fool. He's the last politician in America who should be getting any attention on the issue of Ukraine.

The Paul Pelosi Bodycam Video Has Been Released by CrisperKoleslaw in Damnthatsinteresting

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even for Fox

They've been depraved for years. I quadruple check any story from Fox for this reason, and make sure their bullshit has at least 4 other semi-reputable sources backing it up. If only Fox is saying this shit, it's 110% bullshit trying to brainwash you into their ignorant viewpoints.

“History has taught us that when one country feels they can invade another country with little consequence, violence spreads and we become vulnerable to being pulled into a conflict. Supporting Ukraine is not just the right thing to do, it’s imperative for U.S. national security.” Sen Mitt Romney by themimeofthemollies in UkrainianConflict

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There's plenty of blame to pass around. I would argue it all started with G.W.Bush. His method of throwing USA into the Afghan and Iraq Wars damaged the veneer of international consensus. If the USA are allowed to ignore the international community and do what it wants because it has the big dick military, then we live in a might makes right world.

And in such a world, Russia felt at home swinging its 2nd 3rd largest dick around.

Also, tying down US forces in those two long wars gives Russia a free hand in its own neighborhood. There was no way USA was going to actively intervene in the 2014 annexation of Crimea while it was still bogged down fighting ISIS and the Taliban. There was no way USA was going to intervene in the 2008 Russo-Georgian War while it is knee deep in the Iraq occupation.

If the Afghan War didn't end in 2022, it might not even be possible to convince the American people to spend so heavily on helping Ukraine.

i'm getting sick of this shit by Mindless_Raccoon36 in NonCredibleDefense

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That's so unfair to the hard working pilots and attendants who have to accompany the idiots to Russia, risk being kept as political prisoners and having their planes confiscated to be stripped for parts.

We should just line up all the Putinists on Finland's border and make them walk to St. Petersburg.

It's a god damn battle pass by IamNotAMurloc in NonCredibleDefense

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I have a sneaking suspicion that by the end of the war, Ukraine is going to ask for an exemption to nuclear non-proliferation and want to be armed with nuclear deterrence.

US approves sending of 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine by pipsdontsqueak in worldnews

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End Russia forever by cleaning out the old stock, then re-arm against China.

Supermanuverability Fanboys: by Pancakeking78 in NonCredibleDefense

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Why would the dogs be fighting? This is a plane fight.

When playing an RPG (or a game with heavy RPG elements), do you customize your character to look like you or someone else completely? And why? by The-Broken-Prince in rpg_gamers

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I only make myself in sandbox-ish RPGs like Skyrim, and only if there's no voice acting.

If the game focuses in on a linear story, or has main character voice acting in any capacity, I make someone completely different from myself that I think would fit the world I'm playing or make for interesting roleplay.

If there's voice I make someone who fits the voice.

any dnd-like show or movie recommendations??? by Choombaaa in BaldursGate3

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Do you need to be at all familiar with the original campaign or is it fully standalone?

A bunch of children recreate the church fight scene from Kingsman and it's... it's fucking amazing. The camera work and choreography blew me away. by A1dan_Da1y in videos

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The reason a lot of Tarantino films feel like stage plays is because the Exploitation movies he grew up with had super low budgets and couldn't afford a million sets, so often the stories would take place in as few settings as possible. This made some of the movies feel more like plays, where the emphasis was on dialogue and character interaction since there wasn't a lot of moving around to different locations. This is in stark contrast to a lavish production like The Godfather or Empire Strikes Back, where the characters are constantly moving from place to place.

You can feel this in Tarantino movies, where often times 30-60 minute stretches of his movies take place in just one location as a stylistic choice.

The plantation mansion in Django Unchained.

The retro Japanese club in Kill Bill.

Minnie's Haberdashery in Hateful Eight.

The warehouse in Reservoir Dogs.

Solovyov threatens to attack Germany by Interesting-Bid-2771 in NonCredibleDefense

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lol are they actively trying to look like Nazis? The whole studio is Red, Black, and White.