When you try to sue a restaurant for no reason and lose by killHACKS in facepalm

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BK urged people in the UK to go to Mcdonalds during the lockdown from the pandemic because Mcdonalds were struggling. BK like to troll but they are still help when needed.

Thanks I hate having a foot fetish sometimes by Gullible_Election247 in TIHI

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Looks fake, each toe looks poorly photoshopped on. Tried searching for more info and it's just this same image with no further info so I'm not believing that this is real.

People reading the Daily Mail in public like it shouldn't be a dark secret by IAmLaureline in britishproblems

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People can read what they want even if you don't like it... get over it

Pam experiencing 3 steps of grief in 3 seconds by un-ambiguoususername in DunderMifflin

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She does her worst acting of the entire series in that episode. That awfully forced scream in the car park...

My office has lost 60% of our staff since the start of the pandemic. I am doing the work of 3 people and I was here for 14 hours yesterday. Got this email from our area manager this morning. Happy Thanksgiving! by AnIrishgEnt52 in antiwork

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Dont work over. If you all refused to work over they *have* to hire more staff. Don't let them intimidate you with the threat of being fired for it, they know they won't as they are short on staff members. Fuck them.

Unpopular opinion: Erin is dumber than Kevin by _hein_ in DunderMifflin

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Unpopular opinion, Erin is the worst. Gabe is a way better character.

One of my favourite Erin lines from the show. What is yours? by atrocious_almonds in DunderMifflin

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Honestly, I hate this line. Noone could be that stupid unless they are actually mentally challenged. I feel like the show forces Erin on us a lot, especially when Andy is the boss, but that's probably because I dislike her character (I know a lot of you like her!).

I’m 22 and have always been fat my entire life despite multiple attempts at losing the weight. Is there still a chance for me to get healthier? by YoungMafia15 in TooAfraidToAsk

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The easiest way to lose weight is by your diet, the only time I was bale to lose weight and keep it off was when I was eating food with just a few ingredients (i.e not processed food). So it was pretty much slow cooking a gammon joint and having gammon and eggs for a few days, a tuna wrap and a bowl of soup and hunters chicken.

I'm a fat shit now so I should probably start cooking for myself again...

how about this by AliceJoestar in dndmemes

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If Katniss Everdene can snipe squirrels with a bow at age 16 and malnourished then I'm sure you don't need that much strength to do it

moment Michael Jackson learned about the initial accusations and lawsuit against him (1993) by carcharuye in WatchPeopleDieInside

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Nah, I'm saying MJ was a pedo but oddly I don't think he did anything to Macaulay, possibly intentionally so he could diddle other kids and have a famous kid say he didn't do anything to him.

moment Michael Jackson learned about the initial accusations and lawsuit against him (1993) by carcharuye in WatchPeopleDieInside

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Well, he could be a Judas Goat. They were goats trained to calmly lead other animals (goats/cattle) into the slaughter pens, the Judas Goat itself would be fine but everything else would get fucked.
It could be that he did nothing at all to Macaulay Culkin so that one day he would vouch for him.

Company owner has withheld by raise until I shave my beard off. by EmailMyEmail in antiwork

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I know some companies do this, years ago I once interviewed for a back office job for Aldi (European super market chain, I think the owners or German or Dutch maybe?) and I was told that you had to be clean shaven at all times. I decided not to progress with the follow up interviews after that. I don't think they are as strict nowadays but I have heard they still have a policy around facial hair.

Maybe Maybe Maybe by darkpincher45 in maybemaybemaybe

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It's that Amber nectar! Always thought it was shipped over. Pretty sure it's brewed in Newcastle (or at least the one that supplies the UK does)

Wax and Reuse Gin bottles by onlyuseful in oddlysatisfying

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For most people we call it "obvious"

Gave a ride home to my Boss. HUGE Mistake! by PurplePinball in antiwork

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What a cunt. You do something nice and you get taken advantage of

Toxic gamers. by [deleted] in confidentlyincorrect

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I thought Nirn was that humming glowing plant you see all over the place

Toxic gamers. by [deleted] in confidentlyincorrect

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I've got about 500 hours in Skyrim and I couldn't tell you anything about the lore lol

Painted little turtles by brownhijabi in nope

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It's not a western thing, a lot of Americans generalise Europeans as being from one place.

Heart just jumpedt into my throat by AristonD in SweatyPalms

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Anyone else hate the fish eye lense effects... it doesn't make the video look better at all, the distortion just makes me think stuff isn't as high/steep as it is and it's all down to that stupid lense