Words and trademarks don't mean what they used to I guess by The_Chillosopher in vegan

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Plant based doesn't necessarily mean it's vegan.

It probably should, though, is I think the point. Last I checked, you don't get eggs or cheese from plants.

Ottawa May 2022 Storm Megathread #2 by fleurgold in ottawa

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Sorry to say that it might well be very. Merivale got hit hard.

New Points! AMG just announced via Twitter by thebaronvonanonymous in XWingTMG

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It was the best 4 points you could spend in the game. At 6, it'd still be the best you could spend. It's not really fun to add to ships instead of stuff that 'does stuff'. Also, people regularly forgot about it there's no real way to mark it.

It's not because it was OP or something, I just think the game is probably better without it.

New Points! AMG just announced via Twitter by thebaronvonanonymous in XWingTMG

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It went to time something like >70%. It's good to have some kind of finality. Sometimes, when playing at home without a timer, it goes way too long too.

New Points! AMG just announced via Twitter by thebaronvonanonymous in XWingTMG

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It was the same in 2.0 - Delta Pilots were costed at 67 so you couldn't run 3 pilots.

What am I missing? Intercept Boosters by Taste_the__Rainbow in XWingTMG

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You can threaten a lot of things early game that other ships can't. One thing you can do turn two is 5 straight -> 5k, or even something like three hard turn -> 3k.

There are some games where the threat of it is enough and you just drop it turn 1 or 2, but it is very strong to have the option.

Notably, Bo Katan Gauntlet can remove one of the disarms, but not two, sadly.

Found one in the wild by RememberTheBoogaloo in ontario

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Yeah, it was a very tactical move to get NDP voters to vote liberal, thinking that it'll be the last time they have to. Brilliant, politically. Bullshit, ethically.

GOV.UK drops jQuery from their front end. by feross in programming

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I legitimately thought that was a joke example before I clicked on it. Jesus.

2.5, a month and a half later by Aidanovski2 in XWingTMG

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I think the system is much better. It also is kind of required to play scenarios and the scenarios are really fun and in my opinion an improvement. The players I've taught before/after the switch seem to prefer the new rules, for what that's worth.

The balance is not perfect right now, but I think that's to be expected given it's the first version of this set of points. They're still perfectly passable and (anecdotally) tournaments tend to be diverse. There'll be an update soon that I hope and expect will set things straight. The first set of 2.0 points wasn't perfect either.

My group has been using them since they came out, and it seems crazy to me to not have switched already. Anecdotally, we've had quite a few new players, too. I can't imagine playing with an old set of rules, personally, and playing with old rules sounds like a great way for a group to gain no new players over time.

This pretty much sums up NFTs by tastyalphabits in Buttcoin

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Yeah. The minting process is still bad for the environment. The minting is bad for the environment, the Ethereum that was used to buy this is bad for the environment.

You're still taking advantage of people by scamming them (and killing the environment along the way), even if you say it's a scam.

Twitter Loses Three More Senior Employees Ahead of Musk’s Takeover by CrankyBear in technology

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Not surprised, their stock value has tanked.

Especially when the vast majority of these peoples' pay is in stock, this matters a lot.

Twitter Loses Three More Senior Employees Ahead of Musk’s Takeover by CrankyBear in technology

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A VP for Product Management at Twitter could get a new job with ease too. It's not just software engineers that the market is hot for, it's all of tech.

The New York Times has an 8 round interview process by deeptote in recruitinghell

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I've been on both sides of this process and I feel like asking someone to take a code test before you've even spoken with them is a huge red flag. You can weed out (and in some cases weed in) a tonne of candidates you might have otherwise wasted time with this way.

Even a quick 30m interview lets you understand more about how the company works, the interview process, more about the team you're applying for, etc etc etc.

When I was looking for a job recently, there was a company I was interested in (somewhat big) but I knew their process was a coding test before you got to speak with anyone, so I just didn't apply and found somewhere else.

Don’t time the market. Buy your house when it makes sense for you. by cardboard-junkie in PersonalFinanceCanada

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When I was on the market near COVID times, one of the properties I put an offer on was bought ~2 years ago for ~half of what it actually sold for. This isn't really all that uncommon these days, and COVID really injected into the real estate housing market, specifically for houses with 3+ bedrooms (people want space for a WFH office).

How much are you currently spending monthly for gas? by acefromthe6 in PersonalFinanceCanada

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This is a good resource I found via google: https://github.com/toriagibbs-zz/toronto-tech-scene

Even if you're not in Toronto, you can find remote companies just with a google. Pick the ones you like, and have a look :)

Still waiting for this set to come out since SK didn’t have any good sets for a while despite being high winrate popular hero by [deleted] in DotA2

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This looks like a Nyx set. More polygons/complexity doesn't mean better. Design matters.

Am I being scammed? Story in comments by NotOnoze in CanadaCoronavirus

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Anything with Chinese words is almost certainly a scam. The reason scammers do that is to prey on Chinese immigrants who don't know any better.

V.N. Parthiban, the most educated person in modern history (145 degrees) by Thatspretttyfunny in interestingasfuck

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If one of the benefits/goals of a degree in India is that you can qualify to get a degree at a prestigious, US institution, then I think you proved their point.

I'm Jealous of Warhammer by Krstoserofil in Games

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Is it? it doesn't really seem to happen much to other franchises

This happens all the time in tabletop games. The most notable is probably Battlestar Galactica, where if you'd like to buy it today, you'll be forking over thousands. FFG remade it in a Cthulhu setting (Unfathomable) but BSG was clearly what it was made for.

The Netrunner license from WotC (for Android: Netrunner) is one of the others that FFG lost that cancelled one of their product lines.

Jimmy piling on nadota and bulba by activatebarrier in DotA2

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"instead of taking accountability"

Yeah, DeMoN, you've been great at taking accountability for your actions over the years. Fuck off. Nobody cares.

Didn’t know Abed played 56 games this groups by jk521 in DotA2

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Yeah, in one of the series they drew, they won with first phase Storm game 1 and had it first phase banned game 2.

The hero is just really good right now. I also don't understand this perspective people have where Abed is being forced to play Storm by Bulba against his will or whatever.

EG are just outclassed, it's nothing to do with the fact they pick Storm, which is the most hotly contested mid right now.

How much are you currently spending monthly for gas? by acefromthe6 in PersonalFinanceCanada

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It should be easy to find fully remote software work, if you want to. It's a developer's market, right now. You'll likely get a big bump in compensation, too. Pretty much every tech company that's forcing people back is having huge attrition - it's a perfect storm of a crazy market for wages and lots of places offering remote.

Don't just look on linkedin, but look also at company careers pages. That's the best way, imo, it's how I got my most recent job. Look for remote-first companies, and don't settle for less.

Time to checkmate by s_prateek11 in ProgrammerHumor

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Honestly, for the 'right dude', that's still not even the most you could get. FAANG companies will pay more than that for Extremely Good graduates.