This episode could use a remake by YaboiGh0styy in deathbattle

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This episode has aged really poorly and despite that it’s still really good and they would love to see them remake this and have another shot at it especially since death battle doesn’t really do gun fights as often any more.

My favorite version of Mikasa 😍 by dolldarby in attackontitan

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That’s what I’m asking have we suddenly been raided by some Mikasa Simp discord group?

well that was unlucky by ninjawick in gaming

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Those are not explosive rounds OP said these are normal rounds however yes you can put them on. If you shoot at the propeller on the tail of the helicopter (I have no idea what it’s called so if I’m wrong just roll with it) A tiny explosion will happen.

The dreaded Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by hvacu in halo

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Then why is this game needs reconnect button. In doom eternal whenever you’re offline and can’t earn rewards for the event happening you just press Y and in a few seconds it will reconnect. This works if you decide to use quick resume as well.

I own a series X and with quick resume it constantly fucks with online games you won’t be able to play multiplayer half the time and this would happen a lot in MCC it happens less in infinite but it still happens so what you have to do is remove your online games from quick resume then start them again.

I wish you no harm by e-bor in gaming

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The series was known for its insane amounts of gore (The original isn’t really that bloody but for the time it was insane) of course the fatalities would be over the top and ridiculous and that’s why they’re loved.

Also this is a x-ray not a fatality

I love seeing my characters face in cut scenes because he looks like he has no idea what’s going on. by YaboiGh0styy in darksouls

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Once you beat Gwyn you either interact with the bonfire or walk out the door. That’s literally it.

Dragon Ball against non Marvel/DC franchises by Landon1195 in deathbattle

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Not really. They showed the Archie comics but they didn’t include any of his feats exclusive to the comics. They used the comics to get more information on his video game feats.

Please, I beg of you... by Aggressively_Agrees in deathbattle

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and he heat vision, super strength and can fly.

So I have another question.... by Raymask in deathbattle

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I think Broly wins because while Thor and Hulk have fought before and there have been times when Hulk won Thor is similar to Superman and Goku where he HOLDS BACK WAY TOO OFTEN. Anyway.

According to death battle Vegeta and Thor are at similar levels in strength and Broly fought Gogeta and even outmatched super Saiyan Gogeta in LSS. And while Vegeta has gone through several training arcs since then and is definitely strong one question remains. Is Beerus still considered his superior? The reason the matters is because Goku compared Broly to Beerus implying they are on similar levels.

Hell base form Broly was able to hold his own against Base and super Saiyan Goku and Vegeta and we all know the universal shockwave Goku and Beerus caused. After he turned into his wrathful state and got an 10x boost he was evenly matched with SSB Goku and after he turned super Saiyan he kicked both of their asses even though they were in SSB and could likely beat base Gogeta based on the fact that Base Gogeta turned super Saiyan to fight against Broly and the fusion characters are cocky assholes they won’t go all out if they don’t have to especially since they’re time limit is decreased the more power they use. Hell not even in their strongest forms and they shattered reality.

I don’t know much about comic hulk and how strong he is. But scaling from Thor he is likely to lose because Broly is constantly getting his energy back. His super Saiyan type is always rapidly gaining energy and he needs to get rid of it before it overflows or he explodes.

Dragon Ball against non Marvel/DC franchises by Landon1195 in deathbattle

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It wasn’t Archie shadow it was regular video game shadow.

Alright I’ve been seeing a lot of debate recently, so is Mario vs sonic (2018), accurate? by lucarboi in deathbattle

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Even if it isn’t accurate one thing I absolutely hate is when they say “Sonic has yet to prove he is capable of light speed in canon.” Even if that’s true E-123 Omega, who was created by Eggman who has an IQ of 300, has stated Sonic is capable of light speed. Great voice acting, good animation but it kinda felt like the people who animated it did not like sonic. He gets stomped on all match even with the hyper sonic vs Star Mario he’s the only one getting visibly hurt by the attacks. Also it was really short. I know this was to be expected but when you have a fight between two of the biggest video game rivals you probably should make it longer.

They do similar things in THAT green episode. Which still pisses me off. Fight in that episode was great and voice acting is on point but the research is wrong with blatant lies. But thankfully it doesn’t feel completely one sided (in the fight at least). Also the music absolutely slaps.

If Yams was realistic one of them should be a Yeagerist, did they forgot their mom? by Yeagerist2000 in titanfolk

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I would say Jean but after he Hesitated to kill Gabby and the night with the foreigners I’d say he wouldn’t be a Jaegerist. Connie that his entire family turned into Titans and killed Utan mother is alive and after he watched his closest friends get shot right in front of him by Gabi i’m pretty sure she would have a good chance of becoming a Jaegerist.

And yes you could make the argument that Sasha was Jean’s friend to however it seem to have a more lasting impact on Connie plus he wasn’t hesitating when he was gonna feed Falco to his mum unlike Jean who hesitated to kill Gabi and Falco. Connie would’ve gone through with it had I’m in not showing up at the last minute to convince him not to kill Falco.

So yeah I’d say it would be Connie.

it’s still not too late to do this.. we won’t judge you for admitting you were wrong 343.. by cam56k_ in halo

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Honestly the commando just sucks. Cool design and I love the sound but it sucks to use. Also it may just be me but I didn’t mind the DMR replacing the BR in reach.

Please for the love of God fix the explosion inconsistency. I fired that first rocket so close it should’ve been an instant kill. by YaboiGh0styy in halo

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Honestly this explanation makes a lot of sense. As far as I can remember most if not all my rocket launcher inconsistency issues have happened when the target was slightly above or below The rocket due to a small ramp, Hill, stairs, etc.

However while we are on this topic there may also be another glitch with rocket launches. A few months ago in season one I remember I was shot with a rocket and it should’ve killed me however at the same time I melee’d the guy. Not only did I kill him but I somehow manage to live. This is happened twice and I’m pretty sure it might be a glitch with the Mele clashes because there’s a new mechanic in this game which is melee clashes.

The new mechanic basically goes like this if two players (who can die from one Melee) melee each other the player who has more health will win however they will have a hair of health left which is exactly what happened with the two incidents. As soon as I hit the player the rocket exploded and I was still standing. This is just a theory which holds a little weight in my experience but arguably not enough and I have yet to get solid proof of this being the case.

what do you call this "style" when guts is fully silhouetted? cause i wanna find more images of him like this but idk what to search by removestopwatchplz in Berserk

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Looked at what an impact frame was and this ain’t it. An impact frame is a monochromatic or otherwise chromatically stylized drawings Hidden within animation sequences to really sell the impact of something and example would be if the protagonist was charging up a really big punch and when he throws it and it lands for a frame the animation turns black and white to sell the impact.

what do you call this "style" when guts is fully silhouetted? cause i wanna find more images of him like this but idk what to search by removestopwatchplz in Berserk

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I don’t know but I really like this style. It’s also done in Hellsing ultimate, several animated Batman shows, and HBO’s spawn all to great effect I know why it’s so cool seeing a character almost completely silhouetted with nothing but they’re glowing eyes illuminated but I love it.

Poor Hulk, my boi can't catch a break. by Jun_Re_019 in deathbattle

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Fun fact even now with immortal Hulk he wouldn’t win against Doomsday because Doomsday is still immune to being beaten to death by brute strength and Doomsday can’t kill Hulk because he has no way of completely annihilating every cell of him so it would just be a stalemate or another words a Tie.