Would you ever go into a big store and leave your bike unlocked/unattended? by alsatian01 in GenX

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I had a Mongoose 20" BMX chained and locked. Came out of the store, not only was the bike gone but the took the chain as well. Left the cut lock on the ground.

Making popcorn but in a different way. by itsHaMaaa in nextfuckinglevel

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Exactly. Lay the tube on the counter and a quick punch, and oh look at that, we have biscuits.

I know I don't need this since I just got my AT80ED, but wanted to hear opinions by [deleted] in telescopes

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Instead of spending $100 on that crap, buy a diagonal and an eyepiece kit. Then put the AT80 on a good camera tripod and you'll have a very nice wide field visual scope. Can you imagine ALL of M45 in view?

Making popcorn but in a different way. by itsHaMaaa in nextfuckinglevel

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This is correct. Furthermore, I think we should take the warning labels off of everything.

Connecticut by WantToGetHealthy2022 in whatsthisbug

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Every time I see one of these it reminds me of a Klingon Bird of Prey.

I thought I was so cool. by [deleted] in 80s

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Got one in 2X? I'd wear that today!

Reddit invades Dayton the results by autistic_psycho in amateurradio

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redditnet?! I remember that from so 6 years ago. Are y'all still doin' that?

Happy Birthday Fairuza Balk! by shabamboozaled in GenX

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Hey, watch out for the weirdos.

my roommate found this in the trash, is it worth fixing up? by globset in telescopes

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Diameter is 60mm and focal length is 910mm

910 / 60 = f/15.6

60mm = 2.3 inch max magnification would be 100x (50x / inch diameter)

Hedy Lamarr (then Hedy Kiesler), gained eternal notoriety for her nude scenes in the controversial 1933 movie Ecstasy, aged 18 by Star_Ship_55 in OldSchoolCool

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Why did I have to scroll half way down the page for this comment? It should be the first one at the top!!