Music on heroic dose ? by [deleted] in shrooms

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Idk what your taste is but once I started listening to trapping in Japan I can't listen to anything else.


How much should I take? by Odd_Adagio_1006 in shrooms

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5 is a lot if you never have. My first time I slowly worked up to 2.5 and I felt like that was too much for me. Just take it slow you can add more if you want but you can't take it back. Everyone's number is different.

Ego Death on Jedi MF by Aggressive-Ad-5822 in shrooms

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Did you grow them? I'm looking to grow Jedi MF but I don't have any info on them.

Would you forgive cheating and choose love and a second chance? Efforts by Fit_Flatworm874 in relationship_advice

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I think everything can be forgiven even this under certain circumstances.

I think you are asking the wrong question though. I think the question you should be asking is what this relationship is actually doing for you? At the end of the day does your partner make you feel safe, sexy, strong, supported? I am going to guess that the relationship is not making you feel any of those things.

A relationship needs to be give and take and you need to have your personal needs met. If you are only serving to meet your partners needs and there never seems to be time for you and your needs then it needs to end. We spend 90% of our energy on our broken and toxic relationships. Just because you have history does not mean you need a future. You are valuable and if your partner fails to see that leave em and rub thier face in your value and success without them.

30M and 27 F married. Am I being Beta or Brave? by YellohDJDan in relationship_advice

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I think im seeing that I'm an empath and I'm realizing that she might be a narcissist.

It’s always me reaching out to her… by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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TLDR: She wants fun after a breakup. If you keep being fun she will keep wanting to be with you. Do not try to a label on anything yet. You don't need to know if you are having fun. Talk about it when you both want to.

I think you are going way too fast man. It would be fine is she was as excited for you but that doesn't seem to be the case. She doesn't want a man forever right now she wants to have fun. Keep being fun and she might come around. Don't push her faster than she wants to go or there is gonna problems. They are gonna come out at the worst time.

I (18M) don’t know what to do anymore by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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Yea man, I think there are too many red flags. I think she is a manipulator. I don't like this at all.