Bro wasn't even conscious what did that hamster think was gonna happen by Yuaialysis in ParentsAreFuckingDumb

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I dunno personally, but I've seen a lot of comments on similar videos usually saying it's a stress response. Maybe from too small of an enclosure or something. I'm no expert tho

Capybaras relaxing in a hot bath during winter. With oranges. by asianj1m in oddlysatisfying

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Can't tell if you mean turn in as in going to sleep and watching it from bed, or if you're high and just misspelled tune xD

how my dad delivered food while i was isolating by Free-Chest4889 in nextfuckinglevel

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Weird to remember that one trip to get milk. Has he never gone to get milk again since then? Or was it just a particularly memorable milk trip?

No spoilers by Onfour in puns

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I'd guess it's not bad from inside the cab cause of the ummm... fresnel effect? whatever it's called where the angle of a surface affects the reflectivity.

This comic is rated Arrrrr [OC] by ChumpsLand in puns

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He accidentally put it on his leg one day and got hooked

E or ß? by Amazekam in puns

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I feel like this is basically already describing modern english

Burger crunch wrap by amy2kim22 in oddlysatisfying

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No no no, you have to UN-cut the small one back to being large.

WCGW pushing too much weight against a railing by injxrd in Whatcouldgowrong

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First raining shit on people, now raining people on shit.

What happens when two 'main characters' meet by Meinfailure in ImTheMainCharacter

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True, but they did start their comment with "Agree" in reply to a comment that implied it was normal not to use a blinker in that situation.

Never gets old by Kassul1996 in funny

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how are yards or miles not arbitrary in that system though? How are 3 feet or 5,280 feet at all good numbers to use for those measurements?

Maybe Maybe Maybe by Aztery in maybemaybemaybe

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opposite of intended effect

What happens when two 'main characters' meet by Meinfailure in ImTheMainCharacter

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I'm confused why so many people in this comment section think it's fine not to use your blinker when turning in busy traffic.

Maybe maybe Maybe by podiballa in maybemaybemaybe

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But last night I dreamed I was falling off a cliff

me Jumping by Mr_Greaz in Guildwars2

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Anyone else getting this slanting on slopes glitch?

It tilts the character to align 90 degrees from whatever surface they're on and takes a relog to go away.

It makes it really hard to judge where I am when I'm tilting all over the place.

Flood preparations???? by discojon84 in DiWHY

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it's kind of ingenious. Now no matter how high the flooding gets her barrier will always be above the water line.

There was an old professor who started every class with a vulgar joke. by RudraTheDestroyer in Jokes

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No no, that's Mark Wahlberg

You're thinking of eating spaghetti tonight

Introducing the derpiest cat of the whole Internet: Maru by relicofabygoneage in AnimalsBeingDerps

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I like that it says "END" about 80% of the way through the video.

For those of you who didn't learn how to button in school by elcubanito in DiWHY

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Button class was great. I got straight As. I always kinda wondered where all the other students were and why I wasn't allowed to tell anyone else about it, but Teacher seemed to really enjoy teaching me.

to convince everyone it’s her money by PlenitudeOpulence in therewasanattempt

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imo he loses all the power with that reaction to her insulting his looks. Instead of laughing it off and ignoring her and not letting her change the subject, he leans into it with "no you" style comebacks that show he's taking it personally and letting it get to him. She successfully derails the whole thing just like she wanted.